Kim Karlsson portfolio

mandala gifKim Karlssonmandala gifa moving mandala, made in after effects. inspired by geometric patterns often seen in the middle east
The Wallpaper: animated "sample gameplay"Kim KarlssonThe Wallpaper: animated "sample gameplay"A part of my bachelor's project from HDK-Valand. A short animation showing potential "sample gameplay" with sound and timing.
Earthquake posterKim KarlssonEarthquake posterA poster with the theme "earthquake". Graphics are based on different mythological sources of earthquakes. From the illustration class on my exchange to Tama Art University in Tokyo 2019
Self portrait posterKim KarlssonSelf portrait posterA poster with the theme "self". A self portrait with my name. A part of the illustration class from my exchange to Tama Art University in Tokyo spring 2019
"Wires" animaticKim Karlsson"Wires" animaticAnimatic for a project from my exchange semester to Tama Art University in Tokyo spring of 2019 
Kim Karlsson

Kim Karlsson

I am a Design graduate from HDK-Valand in Gothenburg Sweden, having also studied previously at Tama Art University (Tokyo) in 2019 and Art College (Gothenburg) in 2017.

Although my main focus is illustration and animation, I have had a wide array of project types throughout my studies such as comics, graphic and product design, pattern making, and even game concept work.

I reside in Oslo but am available for remote work within the EU.