Klara Bartilsson portfolio

Pattern, Garden, 2019Klara BartilssonPattern, Garden, 2019Garden pattern
Faktum magazineKlara BartilssonFaktum magazineIllustration to an article about children growing up with a parent suffering from mental illness. 
MidsummerKlara BartilssonMidsummer2019
Manilla Press, Bonnier Books UK, pattern designKlara BartilssonManilla Press, Bonnier Books UK, pattern designBespoke pattern for Manilla Press, Bonnier Books UK's latest imprint.
Water avens, patternKlara BartilssonWater avens, patternPattern from 2019
Tecknaren magazineKlara BartilssonTecknaren magazineIllustration in Tecknaren 2 2020.
Trafikverket, mural paintingKlara BartilssonTrafikverket, mural painting10 meter long mural in Gothenburg.
Schyst resande, 2019Klara BartilssonSchyst resande, 2019Illustration for the organisation Schyst Resande (Fair Travelling), that works for sustainable ways of travelling. 
Schyst Resande, 2019Klara BartilssonSchyst Resande, 2019Illustrations for the organisation Schyst Resande (Fair Travelling), that works for sustainable ways of travelling.  
Faktum kids, magazine illustration, 2018Klara BartilssonFaktum kids, magazine illustration, 2018FAKTUM KIDS 2018  Illustrations to a story about a girl who got homeless when she was in seventh grade.  Art Direction by Håkan Sandsjö.
Monki, print design, 2018Klara BartilssonMonki, print design, 2018Print design with birds and pomegranates for Monkis SS18 collection
Bonnier fakta, cover, 2018Klara BartilssonBonnier fakta, cover, 2018Cover for My Creative Journal: Swedish Flowers, published by Bonnier Fakta 2018.
University of Gothenburg, Doctoral Degree Conferment catalogue, 2016Klara BartilssonUniversity of Gothenburg, Doctoral Degree Conferment catalogue, 2016Ten illustrations featuring the faculties at the University of Gothenburg, in the catalogue for the Doctoral Degree Conferment 2016.  
Monki, tee print design, 2018Klara BartilssonMonki, tee print design, 2018Illustrated cat and handwriting for a tee, in Monki's spring collection 2018. 
Bean Portal, totebag, 2017Klara BartilssonBean Portal, totebag, 2017Illustration and typography for a totebag. Commissioned by the coffee shop Bean Portal.
Personal Work, "Passiflora", 2018Klara BartilssonPersonal Work, "Passiflora", 2018Illustration with passion flowers and calligraphy.
Monki, package design, 2017Klara BartilssonMonki, package design, 2017Concept, illustration and calligraphy on foodcontainers for Monki. Photo: Monki.
Pattern design "Passiflora", 2018Klara BartilssonPattern design "Passiflora", 2018A decorative pattern with passion fruits and flowers! This image was published at trend forecasting company WGSN in january 2018.  
Klara Bartilsson

Klara Bartilsson

Freelancing illustrator and print designer. I work wide in the field of illustration, patterns and art. My inspiration often comes from nature, animals, cultural and mystical phenomenons. I often draw digitally, but when I make murals or large work I gladly grab onto the paint brush.

I illustrate for books, magazines and papers, printed products, websites and posters. I have a background in fashion having worked as print designer for Swedish fashion brand Monki. But I have also had other clients such as Bonnier Books UK, Bonnier fakta, University of Gothenburg, SVT & Faktum. 

I got my bachelor degree in design at the Academy of design and crafts in Gothenburg, but has also studied illustration at Camberwell and Drawing technique at Malmö University.