Kornelia Engqvist portfolio

Vega SnackbarKornelia EngqvistVega SnackbarDesiged and Illustrated beer lable for Vega Snackbar in Oslo, Norway, 2019.
CommunicateKornelia EngqvistCommunicateOwn project
HuntingKornelia EngqvistHuntingPersonal project
ShelterKornelia EngqvistShelterPersonal work
Paper seaKornelia EngqvistPaper seaPersonal work
DaydreamerKornelia EngqvistDaydreamerPersonal work
urKornelia EngqvisturPersonal work
George FloydKornelia EngqvistGeorge FloydPersonal work
The hunterKornelia EngqvistThe hunterPersonal work
Personal Work, "Like me", 2019Kornelia EngqvistPersonal Work, "Like me", 2019Personal illustration work
Personal Work, "waiting"Kornelia EngqvistPersonal Work, "waiting"Personal animated gif loop.
"Just de'", editorial illustration, 2018Kornelia Engqvist"Just de'", editorial illustration, 2018Editorial Illustration to a story about bullying in the Children's magazine "Just de'".
Personal Work, Self LoveKornelia EngqvistPersonal Work, Self LovePersonal work
Språktidningen, editorial illustration, 2018Kornelia EngqvistSpråktidningen, editorial illustration, 2018Editorial Illustration for the swedish language magazine "Språktidningen".
Handwerk Botaniske, Beer label, 2018Kornelia EngqvistHandwerk Botaniske, Beer label, 2018Illustration and design of beer label. A beer specially brewed for the café Handwerk Botaniska by St.hallvards bryggeri (Oslo, Norway).
Personal Work, Portrait, 2016Kornelia EngqvistPersonal Work, Portrait, 2016Personal work. Gif Portrait.
Just de', editorial illustration, 2018Kornelia EngqvistJust de', editorial illustration, 2018Editorial illustration for article about being kind, in the children's magazine Just de '
Vorzpeil, identity, 2017Kornelia EngqvistVorzpeil, identity, 2017Illustration and design for visual identity to Norweigan podcast about sex. Short animation sequences, logo and SoMe.
Kornelia Engqvist

Kornelia Engqvist

Illustrator, animator and graphic designer. Likes to illustrate emotional faces, play with shapes and combine colors. Love to learn new things and figure out ingenious solutions.


– BA in Illustration and Graphic Design, Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2014-2017)

– Packaging Design, Broby grafiska (2011-2014)

– Fine Art, High School Karolinska (2008-2011)