Kristian Ingers portfolio

Innocarnival 2018Kristian IngersInnocarnival 2018Visuel identity for Innocarnival 2018. 
Won, music video. 2016Kristian IngersWon, music video. 2016Musicvideo for the band WON in collaberation with Jens Henricson.
To Pedagog Malmö, 2018Kristian IngersTo Pedagog Malmö, 2018Illustration for Pedagog Malmös digital plat form. 
Pedagog Malmö Live 18Kristian IngersPedagog Malmö Live 18Illustration for Pedagog Malmö Live, 2018. All visual for the event.
Borås university, magazine 2015Kristian IngersBorås university, magazine 2015The demands on IT in the future
Pressbyrån och 7-eleven, magazine 2015Kristian IngersPressbyrån och 7-eleven, magazine 2015Fastfood and accesability
Filter, magazine 2015Kristian IngersFilter, magazine 2015Articel about reality shows trying to be more cultural sofisticated
OTTAR, magazine 2015Kristian IngersOTTAR, magazine 2015About cloning and IVF
Scandinavian airlines, magazine, 2015Kristian IngersScandinavian airlines, magazine, 2015For articel on Do´s and Don´t:s when it comes to business presents
Barncancerfonden, magazine 2014Kristian IngersBarncancerfonden, magazine 2014Articel on children returning to school after being sick in cancer
Stadium, magazine 2015Kristian IngersStadium, magazine 2015About new ways to excercise
Hunger, magazine 2014Kristian IngersHunger, magazine 2014Illustraion for the magazine Hunger, Moby got served
Skellefteå, new cultural center 2015Kristian IngersSkellefteå, new cultural center 2015A new cultural center that is being built in Skellefteå
AMF, magazine 2015Kristian IngersAMF, magazine 2015About new shopping behaviour
Allers, magazine 2015Kristian IngersAllers, magazine 2015Articel regarding digital migration
IC, 2015Kristian IngersIC, 2015Cover art and illustrations for the catalog Swedish Illustrators and Graphic Designers 2016
Graniph, t-shirt 2014Kristian IngersGraniph, t-shirt 2014Print for Graniph, produced and sold in Japan 
WOT GORILLA, record sleeve 2014Kristian IngersWOT GORILLA, record sleeve 2014Recordsleeve that won 2014´s KOLLA "best cover" award
Kristian Ingers

Kristian Ingers

I harvest magazines, postcards and creative commons in search of perfect elements to complete my collages. Then on to textures, drawing and colour work. Some of my clients are DN, Filter, Hunger, RFSU, Barncancerfonden, LAFA, Pressbyrån and diffrent content bureaus.