Kristina Schollin-Borg portfolio

International IDEAKristina Schollin-BorgInternational IDEASymbols/Graphic Material for IDEA (The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance).
International IDEAKristina Schollin-BorgInternational IDEAGlobal Passport to Modern Direct Democracy for IDEA (The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance).
Stockholmia Förlag (book publisher)Kristina Schollin-BorgStockholmia Förlag (book publisher)"The swedish dreamfactory" – Graphic Design of Cover and Inlay. Stockholmia Förlag (book publisher).
GWP – Global Water PartnershipKristina Schollin-BorgGWP – Global Water PartnershipGlobal Water Partnership – Interpretation of company goals and visions in the office environment.
The Swedish Prosecution AuthorityKristina Schollin-BorgThe Swedish Prosecution AuthorityPromotional Material for The Swedish Prosecution Authority.
Liber (book publisher)Kristina Schollin-BorgLiber (book publisher)Bookcovers for Liber.
Swedish Premature FederationKristina Schollin-BorgSwedish Premature FederationVisual identity for the Swedish Premature Federation.
JulietKristina Schollin-BorgJulietPromotional Material for Children's and Women's Clothing designed by Stina Kempe, Juliet.
Graphic SocietyKristina Schollin-BorgGraphic Society"Grafiknytt! – The Journal of the Graphic Society.
Angel of GoldKristina Schollin-BorgAngel of GoldVisual Identity for Angel of Gold.
Natur och Kultur (book publisher)Kristina Schollin-BorgNatur och Kultur (book publisher)Promotional Material for Natur och Kultur (book publisher)
Förenade IsraelinsamlingenFörenade Israelinsamlingen/Keren HayesodKristina Schollin-BorgFörenade IsraelinsamlingenFörenade Israelinsamlingen/Keren Hayesod"Menorah" – jew magazine with the aim of raising funds for projects children and the elderly in Israel. New logo and graphic design. Förenade Israelinsamlingen/Keren Hayesod.
IGO-RKristina Schollin-BorgIGO-RLogo and Visual Identity for IGO-R (Individual Group Organization – Relationships).
Mail and telephoneboardKristina Schollin-BorgMail and telephoneboardBrochure for Sweden's Candidacy for the ITU Council. Mail and telephoneboard.
BRISKristina Schollin-BorgBRISBRIS magazine.
Jeweler Carl HoffKristina Schollin-BorgJeweler Carl HoffProduct Folder to the store in Helsingborg for Jeweler Carl Hoff.
OP CommunicationKristina Schollin-BorgOP CommunicationTabloid Annex i SvD, a daily newspaper. OP Communication.
Mackmyra Swedish WhiskyKristina Schollin-BorgMackmyra Swedish Whisky"Distilled" – Customer Magazine with a focus on Whiskey. Mackmyra Swedish Whisky.
Kristina Schollin-Borg
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Kristina Schollin-Borg

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?
Nearly there are many shades! I am a graphic designer and works with books, leaflets, newspapers, profile programs and the internet. My job is to visualize your visions. You tell me about your ideas, I turn them into finished products. Together, we make it easy for your audience to share your message. Regardless of the size of the assignments, I am always as likely to help you with smooth production so that you reach your customers on time. Welcome! Kristina Schollin-Borg

Which part of the creative work process do you like best?
In close collaboration with the customer, based on given conditions, create a creative solution that highlights the content in the best possible way.

Do you have any secret talents?
Paint, sculpt and found in bronze.