Ladislav Kosa portfolio

Millenium bug that never was.Ladislav KosaMillenium bug that never was.Magazine illustration for People by PostNord / Spoon Agency.
Harvesting rain waterLadislav KosaHarvesting rain waterIllustration for mobile exhibition.
BIG DATA, illustration.Ladislav KosaBIG DATA, illustration.BIG DATA – illustration for CGI Inblick/Intellecta.
Olympic records, illustrations.Ladislav KosaOlympic records, illustrations.Illustrations for children magazine WeLike/ICA. Client: Spoon Agency
TRR Magazine, illustration.Ladislav KosaTRR Magazine, illustration.Dont stress yourself – illustration for TRR Magazine.
Cleantech, illustration.Ladislav KosaCleantech, illustration.Climate school – article illustration for Invest in Cleantech.
JetAway Magazine, illustrations.Ladislav KosaJetAway Magazine, illustrations.Collage-style illustrations for an article about a stunt school. 
JetAway Magazine, illustration.Ladislav KosaJetAway Magazine, illustration.Collage-style illustrations for an article about a stunt school.
Förbundet Svenska Arbetsterapeuter, collage & poster.Ladislav Kosa Förbundet Svenska Arbetsterapeuter, collage & poster.Equal occupational therapy – poster design/collage.
Gambling addiction, illustration.Ladislav KosaGambling addiction, illustration.One of 3 illustrations about gambling addiction for Faktum.
Spendrups, illustration.Ladislav KosaSpendrups, illustration.Wine catalogue cover illustration (collage) for Spendrups/Citat.
Spendrups, illustration.Ladislav KosaSpendrups, illustration.Beer catalogue cover illustrations (collage) for Spendrups/Citat.
Kärleksgatan,skateboard.Ladislav KosaKärleksgatan,skateboard.Skateboard graphics for Kärleksgatan.
Apart Publishing, graphic novel cover.Ladislav KosaApart Publishing, graphic novel cover.Pär Thörn, Ordningen... – graphic novel cover for Apart.
W&W, book cover.Ladislav KosaW&W, book cover.Mitt krig, sviter by Jenny Tunedal – book cover for Wahlström & Widstrand.
W&W, book cover.Ladislav KosaW&W, book cover.bror mor dotter rekviem by Ann Hallström – book cover for Wahlström & Widstrand.
Panora, logotype.Ladislav KosaPanora, logotype.Logotype/graphic profile for art house cinema Panora.
Cardigans, logotype.Ladislav KosaCardigans, logotype.Logo & t-shirt design for The Cardigans.
Ladislav Kosa

Ladislav Kosa

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Ladislav Kosa and I work as an illustrator and graphic designer. After art studies at ÖG FHSK & The Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen I have been working as a creative graphic freelancer on a diversity of commissions. I do book & album covers, magazine design, logo/identity assignments and collage style illustrations for magazines & advertising.

What part of your creative work do you like the most?

When working with collage-style illustrations, it is the stage of work when the mounted components interact with each other and the final distillate of ideas, suggestions and style is within reach. With graphic design, it is the "artistic engineering part of work", the translation of conceptual groundwork into visual expression.

What are you working with right now?

Magazine design, illustrations