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VårdförbundetLaura Di FrancescoVårdförbundetAn illustration proposal for "Vårdförbundet".
Christmas, what is it? - Text och illustrations: Laura Di Francesco - Rabén & SjögrenLaura Di FrancescoChristmas, what is it? - Text och illustrations: Laura Di Francesco - Rabén & SjögrenWhat is Christmas exactly? A small girl started wondering... The very first children's book which I have both illustrated and written! This book will directly brind you into the warmest Christmas atmosphere... Falling snow, gingerbread, candle lights and lots of love and friendship!    
BOMBARDIER Wayside - Hero Animation for a landing pageLaura Di FrancescoBOMBARDIER Wayside - Hero Animation for a landing pageI've created this isometric animated illustration for Bombardier throught Jayway by Devoteam in 2020, usinf Adobe Illustrator & After Effects.
EmotionsLaura Di FrancescoEmotionsA fun educational puzzle game that I have designed for the French toy company Djeco. It features 8 beautifully illustrated puzzles. They are illustrated to teach your child to recognise emotions and feelings such as love, surprise, fear and anger. The game involves matching the shown emotion to the appropriate situation and presents the perfect opportunity for your child to learn about and understand their own feelings. 
Jayway by Devoteam - Blogging about tech & DesignLaura Di FrancescoJayway by Devoteam - Blogging about tech & DesignOne of many branding illustrations and animations which I made for the Creative Tech company Jayway by Devoteam from 2018 until today.
Children's book "Alltid här för dig" for Rabén & Sjögren Publisher 2020Laura Di FrancescoChildren's book "Alltid här för dig" for Rabén & Sjögren Publisher 2020This is a children's book about love between a parent and a child which I have written and illustrated for the Swedish publisher Rabén & Sjögren in 2020.    
Apollo Tour Operator - Illustrations & looping gifs for webLaura Di FrancescoApollo Tour Operator - Illustrations & looping gifs for webOne of many illustrations and animated gifs that I have created for the Danish Tour Operator Apollo's website.
Miniräknarna (mini counters)Laura Di FrancescoMiniräknarna (mini counters)In 2019, together with the film maker Patrik Sundström, I have created 8 educational animations for the Swedish SVT Play and UR.
Your first book - Rabén & SjögrenLaura Di FrancescoYour first book - Rabén & SjögrenI have illustrated two lovely poems written by Barbro Lindgren. "Du Lilla barn - You, little child" och "Det luktar litet barn här - It smells little child here".   2020 - Rabén & Sjögren.
Sov Gott! - Good dreamsLaura Di FrancescoSov Gott! - Good dreamsA unique illustrated book which will help your children to get relaxed before sleeping. Written av the psycologist Helena Kubicek Boye.
Sömnsagor Laura Di FrancescoSömnsagor This is a new kind of book which will help your kid to easily fall asleep, thanks to mindfullness teknniques and relaxing tales. I have illustrated this book with one wish, to help children understand that falling asleep is not that dangerous as it seems, but fabulous and exciting. The little dreamy character is not afraid, ze wants to enter into the magic of "Sömnlandet" by his/her own, with courage and natural curiosity. 
Miniräknarna - An animated serieLaura Di FrancescoMiniräknarna - An animated serieI have created eight animated episodes of one minute each called "Miniräknarna". I have been working first on the illustrations of all the characters and scenes and then on the animations, done in Adobe After Effects.   They will be soon shown in the Swedish tv channels SVT play and UR.
The GoldfishLaura Di FrancescoThe GoldfishI gave birth to this tiny, curios Goldfish in order to practice importing both Photoshop and Illustrator layers into After Effects.
The Windy RoadLaura Di FrancescoThe Windy RoadThis looping animation comes from a part of my latest assessment for Hyper Island, 2018.
TittutLaura Di FrancescoTittutNight lamp "Celèste", for the french company DJECO, Paris. 2014 (From a 3D digital drawing)
WOODLAND Posters - The deerLaura Di FrancescoWOODLAND Posters - The deer"Goodnight" 2013 - Illustration for a children's room
Laura Di Francesco

Laura Di Francesco

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name's Laura Di Francesco, I'm an italian visual designer, animator and children's book illustrator based in Stockholm. 

What part of your creative work do you like the most?

I love my work, it's a part of my life and I could never stop drawing!

I really love to turn words into illustrations and animations.

I'm everyday looking for new characters and scenes for my clients.

It's important for me to keep my inner childish world always alive…