Lena Åstradsson portfolio

illustrations for LOLena Åstradssonillustrations for LOillustrations made i Illustrator
Oil own productionLena ÅstradssonOil own productionOilpainting
Happy Holliday!Lena ÅstradssonHappy Holliday!Mixed media, sweet taste!
gift design for boxLena Åstradssongift design for boxGift - design för packagebox
design for commercialbroschyreLena Åstradssondesign for commercialbroschyredesign for commercialbroschyre - gouache
package designLena Åstradssonpackage designPackage design for Procellco
christmas box cheeseLena Åstradssonchristmas box cheeseChristmas box - cheese. for NorrOst
world wide sportLena Åstradssonworld wide sportillustration free-hand
cheesecoastLena Åstradssoncheesecoastworks in swedish: cheesecoast = ost-kust
a yearLena Åstradssona yeara photoshop-combination of pictures
cool cowLena Åstradssoncool cowFreehand - airbrush, aqvarell, gouache
napkin-boxLena Åstradssonnapkin-boxNapkin-box - package design for Celest.
happy new yearLena Åstradssonhappy new yearHappy new year-picture. Aquarelle.
springtimeLena ÅstradssonspringtimeSpringtime. Freehand. Aquarell.
shoesLena Åstradssonshoesgarden
in the cityLena Åstradssonin the cityIn the city - Illustrator
dadLena Åstradssondada dad picture
Lena Åstradsson
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Lena Åstradsson

My name is Lena and I "always" draw!
I do: illustrations in Illustrator(mac) – but also hand-drawings. In gouache, aquarelle and ink.
Package-design, dummies and prototypes.
Smal pictures – large pictures.