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Arbetsmuseum DIGITOPIALena TrappArbetsmuseum DIGITOPIAArbetsmuseum DIGITOPIA Affish, digitalt, vepa
SnakesLena TrappSnakesSnakes
FrizzLena TrappFrizzFrizz
ColoursLena TrappColoursColours
PulseLena TrappPulsePulse
FootiLena TrappFooti3D design and animation Agency:Aoki Client:Footi
ALena TrappAA
knutLena Trappknutknut
AnemoneLena TrappAnemoneAnemone
Gagnef Open 2016Lena TrappGagnef Open 20161:st prize trophy, Gagnef Open. Gagnef festivalen 2016
Footi - WeatherLena TrappFooti - WeatherFooti is a new sneakers brand for kids. I did the the animations and put it all togather in different combinations to use on Facebook and Instagram. I also did 3D design for still images for use on web and on printed matter, catalog. Agency: Aoki
Broken Banana!Lena TrappBroken Banana!self-initiated project
Yay... 62 Million views on GIPHY!!Lena TrappYay... 62 Million views on GIPHY!!Lava Balloon, self-initiated project http://gph.is/1oEAH6z
NEXT TO YOU, AT KORSVÄGEN (augmented reality)Lena TrappNEXT TO YOU, AT KORSVÄGEN (augmented reality)Next to You, at Korsvägen is a site specific walk charged by a hybrid-app for smartphones. The app guides you in your choices of direction, creating a new sensation by adding layers to the site and the activities taking place next to you. This is a private exploration of relations and co-existance in a shared public space. A work by Marika Hedemyr 3D-animation / Design: Lena Trapp Produced by: Marika Hedemyr Projects Co-produced by: Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival and Interactive Institute Swedish ICT.
KulturhusLena TrappKulturhusKulturhuset Bergsjön Animation by Heypantarei and illustration by Ekta  
Furry egg!Lena TrappFurry egg!Furry egg!
UniverseumLena TrappUniverseumReptilariet, Universeum. Animated 3D-Cobra. Can you remove your hand before the cobra strikes!? https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/vast/svt-s-reporter-utmanar-ormens-snabbhet
PooLena TrappPooMadrid’s dog poo offenders to be made to clean streets  2016 - 04 - 18 (The Telegraph) telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/04/18/madrids-dog-poo-offenders-to-be-made-to-clean-streets/ “We know who you are and, beware, a massive wave of fines is coming your way,” Ms Carmena said when asked about the problem of dog poo at a press conference. Not collecting poo ranging from €750 (£600) to €1,500. http://news-in-motion.tumblr.com/
Lena Trapp
Göteborg / stockholm
0709-88 40 04

Lena Trapp

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

Lena Trapp (Heypantarei) Artist, illustrator & 3D Animator

Since 2007, specializing in making illustration and animation for use in advertising,
branding, film and art projects.

I am currently available for commission work or as a partner on a collaborative project

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Selected Clients: <> Muuto <> Aoki <> Forsman & Bodenfors <> Acne Advertising <> Sturm & Drang <> Milk <> Skanska