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Female reproductive system, Human heart, Human lungs Lidia BlomgrenFemale reproductive system, Human heart, Human lungs Medical poster collection
TellusLidia BlomgrenTellus-
ColeusLidia BlomgrenColeus-
Old friendsLidia BlomgrenOld friends-
Plant Morphology: Flowers and fruitsLidia BlomgrenPlant Morphology: Flowers and fruits-
Plant love and grow peaceLidia BlomgrenPlant love and grow peace-
Activity book, Playful and easy – Perler bead patternsLidia BlomgrenActivity book, Playful and easy – Perler bead patternsPublished by Tukan Förlag, 2018
HeartLidia BlomgrenHeartTake care of your heart.
Shetland sheepdogs and a parrotLidia BlomgrenShetland sheepdogs and a parrotPersonal Work.
HamburgerLidia BlomgrenHamburger-
Basil, sage, dillLidia BlomgrenBasil, sage, dillHerbs.
Pike and Roach FishLidia BlomgrenPike and Roach FishFish.
Avocado, pomegranate, lemonLidia BlomgrenAvocado, pomegranate, lemonFruit and veg.
-Lidia Blomgren--
Saffron bunLidia BlomgrenSaffron bun-
Christmas pictogramsLidia BlomgrenChristmas pictograms-
Lidia Blomgren
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Lidia Blomgren

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

Hi! My name is Lidia Blomgren and I am an illustrator and designer with MFA degree. I enjoy making logos, posters, surface pattern, picture books, book covers and illustrations for all kinds of things.