Linda Pabst portfolio

GRL PWRLinda PabstGRL PWRWomens portrait for an private exhibition at Gothia Towers. Girl Power.
PoppyLinda PabstPoppyLove to paint flowers, also to dig my own hands in the soil. Here is a Poppy.
Illustration and Graphic Design, Sammels LantgårdLinda PabstIllustration and Graphic Design, Sammels LantgårdIllustration, Graphic Design and logotype, Sammels Lantgård
Packaging Design LanthandelnLinda PabstPackaging Design LanthandelnIllustration and Packaging for Lanthandel, Göteborg
Bifonden 2019Linda PabstBifonden 2019Illustrations and layout for Bifonden.
The SwansLinda PabstThe SwansPrivate illustration for my own scarf brand.
Sun Kissed LipsLinda PabstSun Kissed LipsPrivate illustration for exhibition "100 emotions" at Gothia Towers 2018
Ludvika and SmedjebackenLinda PabstLudvika and SmedjebackenA illustration that was a part of a integration project for refugees in Ludvika and Smedjebacken.
Packaging design and illustration for ICA Sweden.Linda PabstPackaging design and illustration for ICA Sweden.Illustrations, font design and packaging design for ICA Swedens diapers category. 
Map for Swedish Yellow Books.Linda PabstMap for Swedish Yellow Books.Illustration for swedish "Trädgårdsresan", swedish equivalent to Yellow Books in England. 
Edet DesignLinda PabstEdet DesignEdet Design Edition with Paris theme. Ink illustrations by hand, and that colour changes in the computor.
KulturknytkalasetLinda PabstKulturknytkalasetPart of an illustration for Kulturknytkalaset
WallenstamLinda PabstWallenstamIllustration for Wallenstam, for a new block, Stallbacken.
SkanskaLinda PabstSkanskaIllustration for Skanska.
Libresse, packagingLinda PabstLibresse, packagingPackaging design for Libresse Design Edition
Avos and BirdiesLinda PabstAvos and BirdiesIllustration for GWO, Göteborg Wind Orchestra
KulturknytkalasLinda PabstKulturknytkalasillustration for Hindås Stations KulturKnytKalas.
Instrument ChampLinda PabstInstrument ChampIllustration for Instrument Champ
Linda Pabst
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Linda Pabst

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Linda Pabst and work as an AD and illustrator since 20 years.

What are you working with right now?

Right now it's much packaging design. Paper towels and three different kinds of tea. With much pattern illustrations. Love it!

What does your work table tell us about you?

It´s pretty messy and notes all over the desk. But if you look further away, you see a photostudio with high ceiling and the nature right outside the door.