Lisa Berg Svedin portfolio

Helljus AB, Logo, 2016Lisa Berg SvedinHelljus AB, Logo, 2016Logo for Helljus AB, 2016
Nina Berg, logo 2019Lisa Berg SvedinNina Berg, logo 2019Logo for Nina Berg konsultant.
Personal work, "Faces"Lisa Berg SvedinPersonal work, "Faces"Illustration, personal work
Personal work, "Fröken Kandidaten calendar" 2018 and 2019Lisa Berg SvedinPersonal work, "Fröken Kandidaten calendar" 2018 and 2019Calendar "Fröken Kandidaten" 2018 and 2019
Odinkören, Logo 2017Lisa Berg SvedinOdinkören, Logo 2017Logo for Odinkören 2017
Odinkören, poster 2017Lisa Berg SvedinOdinkören, poster 2017Poster for the concert Ringar på vattnet with Odinkören 2017
Odinkören, poster 2016Lisa Berg SvedinOdinkören, poster 2016Poster for the concert Happy with Odinkören 2016
Odinkören, poster 2015Lisa Berg SvedinOdinkören, poster 2015Poster for the concert So This is Christmas with Odinkören 2015
Pattern "Blue Cherry Mountain", student work HDK, 2014Lisa Berg SvedinPattern "Blue Cherry Mountain", student work HDK, 2014Pattern with overprint in three colors, digital print.
Lisa Berg Svedin

Lisa Berg Svedin

I work as a freelance graphic designer with, among other things, illustrations, layout and graphic profiles. I work both with printed matter and for digital platforms, such as websites. I have had assignments for Capture Sweden, ADAS musikaliska teater, GEST, Svensk Flöjtfestival, Embla dans & teater, Odinkören, and others.

I enjoy working with ink and watercolor and often start with the hand-drawn even if the result is to be digital. I also work in theater and often let me be inspired by performances, scenography or music. During my education I often worked with book projects where I invited others to write texts on a specific theme taht i then put togehter in a book or some kind of printed product. This is a way of working I take with me in my design assignments and I would love to be able to do more assignments with a similar character.