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Basic or advanced workshops suitable for ages ten and up. Fun and accessable drawing exercises gives the participants the tools to build their own story and populate it with well-developed characters. The comics course focuses on making comics from start to finish. The manga course also focuses on the origin of Japanese comics and what manga is like today. Available as basic as well as advanced workshops/courses.

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Lisa Medin

Illustrator and comic artist from northern Sweden. My academic merits include the Comics and Visual Storytelling Programme (Comic art school) at University of Gävle, The Comic school in Malmö as well as Comic Art and Advanced Storytelling at the University of Gothenburg.

I like dynamic art with mometum, something that comes in handy when drawing my action/adventure story Medley (published by Kolik 2013, planned to return at Galago Ordfront publishing in the future). I also regularly draw comic strips for the Science Fiction Bookstore, article illustrations in periodical magazine Kvinnokraft, participate in graphic novel anothologies and –among other things – hold lectures and drawing tutorials for children, informative illustrations, poster art, illustrations for children's books as well as storyboards. Comics is my forte, and that's often where I draw my inspiration from. 

In the future, I hope to do more work for a younger audience, branching out in books, games and interactive media.