Lottis Karlsson Olsson portfolio

Colouring book for National museum, StockholmLottis Karlsson OlssonColouring book for National museum, StockholmHand drawn illustrated colouring book for National museum, Stockholm. Almost two meters long and a story at the back side.
Illustrations for activity pages, "Kupé/SJLottis Karlsson OlssonIllustrations for activity pages, "Kupé/SJIllustrations for activity pages in paper "Kupé"/SJ. For print and webb.
JournalsLottis Karlsson OlssonJournalsJournals with illustrated front for Åhléns.  
Applicances "Frida". My own project.Lottis Karlsson OlssonApplicances "Frida". My own project.My own design of products as tray, kitchen towels, posters...  
Posters for VätternrundanLottis Karlsson OlssonPosters for VätternrundanPosters for Vätternrundan 2019 and 2020
Paintings and art prints. My own projekt.Lottis Karlsson OlssonPaintings and art prints. My own projekt.Art prints and paintings. My own projekt.
E-learning for Norwegian air.Lottis Karlsson OlssonE-learning for Norwegian air.Illustrations for e-learning, dangerous goods.
Illustrations and layout for Activity books.Lottis Karlsson OlssonIllustrations and layout for Activity books.Illustrations and layout, Activity books for children.
Colouring book for adults, for Vasa museum, StockholmLottis Karlsson OlssonColouring book for adults, for Vasa museum, StockholmColouring book for adults, Vasa museum, Stockholm. Illustrated details from the ship.
Logo for BålstabagarnLottis Karlsson OlssonLogo for BålstabagarnLogo made for Bålstabagarn. For packaging and PR.
illustrations for wallpaintingsLottis Karlsson Olssonillustrations for wallpaintingsillustrations for wallpaintings, Bejing, China
Posters "cities and places"Lottis Karlsson OlssonPosters "cities and places"Posters for cities and places.
Illustration for childrens bookLottis Karlsson OlssonIllustration for childrens bookIllustration for childrens book.
Advent calendar for National museum, StockholmLottis Karlsson OlssonAdvent calendar for National museum, StockholmAdvent calendar for National museum, Stockholm. Hand painted illustrations, idea and layout.
Lottis Karlsson Olsson

Lottis Karlsson Olsson

My name is Lotts and I run my business, Lottisson design, since 1995.

During all years, I have made several skills as sign painting, ilustrations and graphic design.

Customers: National museum, Vasa museum, Åhléns, Vätternrundan, Norwegian…