Lisskulla Berg portfolio

Fishing LicenseLisskulla BergFishing LicenseInformation about fishing license. Poster for the Swedish Forestry Authority.
CoupleLisskulla BergCoupleCauseri about relations for Rättviksbygdens Veckoblad
Wild anemonesLisskulla BergWild anemonesBirthday card.
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child article 12. Lisskulla BergUN Convention on the Rights of the Child article 12. UN Convention on the Rights of the Child article 12. About all children's right to freely express their own opinions. Assignment for Landstinget Dalarna.
Indian food recipe.Lisskulla BergIndian food recipe.Illustration for milk carton. Scrapeboard. Assignment for Milko
Wreath of oakleaves and acorns. Lisskulla BergWreath of oakleaves and acorns. Wreath of oakleaves and acorns.  Assignment for Företagshälsan Blekinge.
A Cup of CoffeeLisskulla BergA Cup of CoffeeIllustration for a cook book.
LoveLisskulla BergLoveAssignment for Region Skåne.
Creative anxietyLisskulla BergCreative anxietyCreative anxiety. Assignment for Svenssonform AB
FetishLisskulla BergFetishFree rendering of yarn about ancient Nordic fetisch. Assignment for Företagshälsan Dalarna.
Mature decisionLisskulla BergMature decisionAbout relating to one's aging.
Expert OpinionLisskulla BergExpert OpinionComment on the Morning Show's food and drink expertise.
The AuthorLisskulla BergThe AuthorComment on some of our contemporary litterature.
Road MaintainanceLisskulla BergRoad MaintainanceComment on traffic problems. Assignment for Svenssonform AB.
AubergineLisskulla BergAubergineIllustration for a cook book.
CoachingLisskulla BergCoachingCoaching. Book illustration. Assignment for Svenssonform AB.
CherriesLisskulla BergCherriesPackaging design for flavoured yoghurt. Assignment for Milko.

Lisskulla Berg

My name is Lisskulla Berg. Apart from illustrating I write and edit texts. I'm also involved in different projects of cultural character, such as exhibits and scenography.