Lotta Grönkvist Albinsson portfolio

Lotta Grönkvist Albinsson

Lotta Grönkvist Albinsson

Vad heter du och hur skulle du kort beskriva vad du gör?

My name is Lotta Grönkvist Albinsson and i am a Graphic designer and Illustrator. I take on full scale projects from initial scetching, all the way to print-ready art.
I also work with Large format designs and exhibitions. I have recieved the Swedish Design Award in the category Information Print in 2007. I am educated at Beckmans school of Design.

Hur ser ditt drömuppdrag ut?

All assignments are welcome!

Vad är det bästa med att jobba med dig ur ett kundperspektiv?

I am Flexible and not so prestigious. I can quickly scetch up an idea and scale a project to fit budget and time. I am experienced and good at drawing. I have worked with Graphic design profiles and created logotypes and Brandmanuals for 10 years.