Lotte Kölare portfolio

Collage.Lotte KölareCollage.Collage.
Collage.Lotte KölareCollage.Collage.
Brochure aboute gender equality.Lotte KölareBrochure aboute gender equality.Brochure aboute gender equality.
Illustrated map over ÖstersundLotte KölareIllustrated map over ÖstersundIllustrated map of Östersund for the magazine Företagshistoria.
Map of Höganäs.Lotte KölareMap of Höganäs.Mapillustration in the magazine "Företagshistoria".
The Big Apple, poster. Lotte KölareThe Big Apple, poster. Illustrations of women in "one piece". Simple and in nice colour combinations.
Gender Equality ReportLotte KölareGender Equality ReportInfo graphics and graphic design for We Effect.
Örebro mapLotte KölareÖrebro mapIllustrated map of Örebro from the paper Företagshistoria. Employer Centrum för Näringslivshistoria.
MeadowLotte KölareMeadowUnusual meadow flowers. The pattern is available for licensing or sales.
DropsLotte KölareDropsDecorated raindrops. The pattern is available for licensing or sales.
Pictogram i tid och rumLotte KölarePictogram i tid och rumLäromedel. SPSM.
Kort till Vi-skogen.Lotte KölareKort till Vi-skogen.Kort till försäljning i webshopen för Vi-skogen.  
Illustration till Energimyndigheten.Lotte KölareIllustration till Energimyndigheten.Omslag till folder, rollup, web  
Omslag och illustrationer till tidningen Hertha.Lotte KölareOmslag och illustrationer till tidningen Hertha.Illustrationerna skulle illustrera kvinnor från olika årtionden och deras förhoppningar.
Underwater movementsLotte KölareUnderwater movementsTusch illustration.
Illustration till SBAB. Lotte KölareIllustration till SBAB. En av fyra personas. Togs fram för att beskriva SBAB:s målgrupper.    
Lotte Kölare

Lotte Kölare

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Lotte Kölare and I work as an Art Director and graphic designer with a penchant for design and illustration. I have extensive experience working in both conceptual and communicative with brands. I have done everything from illustrations in craft book, book design, promotions, websites to manuals, DR and pattern design. My favorite show is Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I've been working on both small and large agencies like Lowe Brindfors, Draft FCB and August AB. examples of customers: SAS, SEB, SCA, Telia, unicef, NK, DHL, Ikano residence, Porsche, Chalmers md number. Now I'm my own boss at Kölare Design and it works great!

What is the best thing about working with you from a customer perspective?

I'm loyal, kind and fast. Engagement is important, having fun and coming up with new and innovative solutions is what we do together!

I am responsive and pragmatic, a positive person that always respect the client’s desire even if I (mostly ) say what I think. I am very careful and well-informed and are well aware of what it means to deadlines , accuracy and importance of a satisfied customer . “Can not “ is not in my vocabulary , but I always try to solve any problems.

Do you have any secret talents?

I have developed my own pattern collection and exhibited at Formex twice! I am a talented growers of spices, vegetables and flowers.