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Brain Food - A daily dose of creativityMagnus Frederiksen aka GlafiskBrain Food - A daily dose of creativity  I have developed the content for Brain Food together with Klara Lindberg. A book about getting more creative. This time I had the opportunity to work with a fluorescent red color that I will probably not be able to use again. The result was just as eye-catching as I hoped.
Book designMagnus Frederiksen aka GlafiskBook design  Three books with very different content where I was honored to design the entire product. And got to play with printing effects such as foil, embossing, UV varnish and my favorite; fluorescent pantone.
Book design and illustration / Everything Represents – Nothing Is.Magnus Frederiksen aka GlafiskBook design and illustration / Everything Represents – Nothing Is.Dokument press is the publisher for this book and Gävle konstcentrum and I made it happend. Cover art is in vector.
Grus & GuldMagnus Frederiksen aka GlafiskGrus & GuldEditorial illustration for the magazine Grus & Guld.
Fetish Coloring book / Erotisk Ritbok / Erotisk Malebog / Fetish Coloring Book 2Magnus Frederiksen aka GlafiskFetish Coloring book / Erotisk Ritbok / Erotisk Malebog / Fetish Coloring Book 2A school project that has grown larger and larger. Vertigo Publisher was first to publish Erotisk Ritbok. Later, Last Gasp in US published Fetish Coloring Book. This year, the Erotisk Malebog will be out in Denmark and part two (Fetish Coloring book 2) in the states (Last Gasp again).
Tattoo Activity Book / Skateboarding Coloring BookMagnus Frederiksen aka GlafiskTattoo Activity Book / Skateboarding Coloring BookTwo coloring books that I published with Documents Press. In Skateboarding Coloring Book I have drawn all the pictures but in Tattoo Activity Book I, together with Ebba Cronstedt, gathered tattoers from around the world who contributed with their style to the book.
Bokomslag. Eskapix.Magnus Frederiksen aka GlafiskBokomslag. Eskapix.Illustration and cover design.
E.T. Phoned home...Magnus Frederiksen aka GlafiskE.T. Phoned home...A project without a receiver.
Butterfly in the stomachMagnus Frederiksen aka GlafiskButterfly in the stomachAn idea that is based entirely around the obvious, that in the most illustrative way to illustrate "Butterfly in the stomach"
Oh the 7Magnus Frederiksen aka GlafiskOh the 7The seven deadly sins. A project I did with Roy Rossovich and Natalie Olenheim. Roy photographed a nude model and I dressed her with the pen. Natalie's a stylist and picked out the clothes I drawn on the model. The first image in the series is this year nominated for Hasselbalds Masters in 2016.   Click here to see them in a bigger format:
Book cover – RatioMagnus Frederiksen aka GlafiskBook cover – RatioIllustration and cover design.
Damernas Värld Mode – 10 years anniversaryMagnus Frederiksen aka GlafiskDamernas Värld Mode – 10 years anniversaryTen full pages in the number that celebrated the 10 years with the magazine Damernas Värld Mode. The photographer Jörgen Brennicke footed the model and I illustrated the backgrounds.
Magnus Frederiksen
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Magnus Frederiksen

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

Magnus Frederiksen, illustrator and graphic designer. I work mostly with book covers and puts typography into place in the inlay. But I am also working on developing my own products such as coloring books and photo books but also work as freelance with different agencies. I also teach at Forsberg School where I got my education for severall years ago. I think the details are important ingredients, but not worth killing for.

What is the best thing about working with you from a customer perspective?

I have a sprawling fantasy which, when it takes hold of things it tend to blossom into good things. I see myself as open and liberal to projects of various kinds, and I usually see the Positive of things. And I will not easily get stressed.

What's your dream job project?

I dream about producing my first graphic novel. But, dreams like that changes from day to day. I mostly just want to do fun things.