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Magnus  Frederiksen aka Glafisk
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Magnus Frederiksen aka Glafisk

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

Magnus Frederiksen, illustrator and graphic designer. I work mostly with book covers and puts typography into place in the inlay. But I am also working on developing my own products such as coloring books and photo books but also work as freelance with different agencies. I also teach at Forsberg School where I got my education for severall years ago. I think the details are important ingredients, but not worth killing for.

What is the best thing about working with you from a customer perspective?

I have a sprawling fantasy which, when it takes hold of things it tend to blossom into good things. I see myself as open and liberal to projects of various kinds, and I usually see the Positive of things. And I will not easily get stressed, I think many sees that as positive.

What's your dream job project?

I dream about producing my first graphic novel. But, dreams like that changes from day to day. I mostly just want to do fun things.

What is fun things?

The opposite of boring?

Is your profile picture real?

Yes and no.