Maj Persson portfolio

Växjö kommun, signs och folders, 2019Maj PerssonVäxjö kommun, signs och folders, 2019Växjö kommun has created a garden with wild flowers which are extra important to rare pollinating insects. The information about this place and the species interactions is presented on signs and in folders.
Ekogigruppen, Christmas card, 2016.Maj PerssonEkogigruppen, Christmas card, 2016.I was commissioned to draw a Christmas card for Ekologigruppen, which they would send to their customers. I  got inspiration from the numerous Bohemian waxwings foraging on rowanberry outside my office and made this interpretation.
own project "penguin"Maj Perssonown project "penguin"Penguin (own project)
County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland, 2009.Maj PerssonCounty Administrative Board of Västra Götaland, 2009. Information sign in Kosterhavet marine national park. The illustration shows a typical deep hard bottom in Kosterhavet marine national park.
Upplevelsebolaget, book, 2017.Maj PerssonUpplevelsebolaget, book, 2017.Map illustrations starting every chapter in the book "riding a bike" which in photos and text takes the reader on eight great bike adventures on six different continents. Author and cyclist: Joakom Hermansson.
The University of Borås, magazine, 2013.Maj PerssonThe University of Borås, magazine, 2013.Illustration on the topic aphasia, when words dissapear, in the "Magazine 1866".
Emma and Malena, pattern, 2017Maj PerssonEmma and Malena, pattern, 2017Emma and malena is a clothing company based on the swedish west coast which makes fashion inspired by the maritime environments in Bohuslän. This is a dress with a pattern created from my illustration of bladderwrack.
Catxalot, poster and seaweed-guide, 2016.Maj PerssonCatxalot, poster and seaweed-guide, 2016.Illustrations of several Nordic edible seaweeds. Layout: Rebecca Wessberg.
Softtoy fish, Fladen fishing, 2014.Maj PerssonSofttoy fish, Fladen fishing, 2014.Illustrations of mekerell, cod and salmon for Fladen Fishing AB, who used them to produce softtoy fish (2014) .
Culture around Kosterhavet, print, 2013. Maj PerssonCulture around Kosterhavet, print, 2013. Sea star Porania pulvillus, used as print on t-shirts. This illustration won the silver prize in the category "Teaching materials and facts illustration" in Svenka Tecknares competition Kolla! 2014.
The Swedish Cancer Society, booklet and magazine, 2014-2018.Maj PerssonThe Swedish Cancer Society, booklet and magazine, 2014-2018.My illustrations help the reader to understand new research results on cancer treatmen and cellular processes.
ACO, brochure, 2011.Maj PerssonACO, brochure, 2011.Information brochure for patients with dry skin or eczema. Cooperation with Cloud Agency.
University of Gothenburg, scientific presentations and articles, 2007.Maj PerssonUniversity of Gothenburg, scientific presentations and articles, 2007.Food intake and digestion of a copepod.
Personal work "fishing trip".Maj PerssonPersonal work "fishing trip".Ink and water colour.
The aquarium of the Maritime museum in Gothenburg, 2009.Maj PerssonThe aquarium of the Maritime museum in Gothenburg, 2009.Cross section of a coral polype. The illustration is part of an exhibition about Darwin at The aquarium of the Maritime museum in Gothenburg.
Trelleborg Municipality, information board, 2010Maj PerssonTrelleborg Municipality, information board, 2010Illustration for the project called "WAB" (Wetlands, Algae, Biogas - a Southern Baltic Sea Eutrophication Counteract Project), where methods for recycle nutrients to land by the harvest of algae was evaluated.
Personal work, posters.Maj PerssonPersonal work, posters.Posters with motifs of mammals and marine animals in the formats A4 and 50x70cm. Can be bought at
Björkhaga design, babywear, 2013.Maj PerssonBjörkhaga design, babywear, 2013.Design and hand prints on babywear sewn by Björkhaga design.
Maj Persson

Maj Persson

I am an illustrator with a background as a marine biologist. My knowledge in these two areas is advantageous, both in scientific and medical illustration where it is essential to understand the topic to be visualized, and in advertising and editorial illustration where it helps to widen my span of ideas and inspiration. I work in watercolour, ink, pencil, and with mixed media. I finish my work in Photoshop and delivery is always in digital formats, on time and correct. I am accurate in my work and aware of details. 

My work has been used for books, journals, web pages, exhibitions, patterns for fabric prints och advertising. Among my customers are The Swedish Cancer Society, WWF, ACO, Gothenburg University, Catxalot AB, Nordiska Museet (The Nordic Museum), ArtDatabanken (Swedish Species Information Centre), The Maritime Museum Gothenburg and Swedish Board of Agriculture.