Maja Lindberg portfolio

Borderleap, Pastery PatternMaja LindbergBorderleap, Pastery PatternA pattern used as a puzzle in the computer game Patterned by Borderleap
Poster "Birdnest"Maja LindbergPoster "Birdnest"Illustration for artprint
Artprint "Little reader"Maja LindbergArtprint "Little reader"Illustration for artprint / poster
Svensk Bokhandel, cover to the Autumn CatalogueMaja LindbergSvensk Bokhandel, cover to the Autumn CatalogueI got the honor to illustrate the cover of 2020's catalogue for books that are published in the fall in Sweden
Guess who I like the most? Hippo Bokförlag 2020Maja LindbergGuess who I like the most? Hippo Bokförlag 2020In the spring of 2020, the book "Guess who I like the most?" / "Gissa vem jag gillar mest?" was published. It's written by Maria Skymne and Marianne Lindfors and all the illustrations is made by me. 
Kikkuli Förlag"Beckmörkret"Maja LindbergKikkuli Förlag"Beckmörkret"In August 2020 "Beckmörkret" was published. It's a children's book in swedish written by Lisa Fransson and illustrated by me. It's a book about being afraid of the dark and how to overcome it.
The storm - art printMaja LindbergThe storm - art printIllustration for an artprint / poster
City by night - art print / posterMaja LindbergCity by night - art print / posterIllustration for artprint / poster
The book och Little me, Hippo Bokförlag.Maja LindbergThe book och Little me, Hippo Bokförlag.A book for the parents to gather memories for the first year of their child.
The little bok of fairytale, Hippo BokförlagMaja LindbergThe little bok of fairytale, Hippo BokförlagA little fairytale book for the smallest ones.
The little book of numbers, 2017 Hippo bokförlagMaja LindbergThe little book of numbers, 2017 Hippo bokförlagA book for children 3-6 years old. With small rhymes and illustrations set in different months, the kids will both learn to count up to 12 and the name of the months. 
"The little book of letters" published 2016 by Hippo BokförlagMaja Lindberg"The little book of letters" published 2016 by Hippo Bokförlag"Lilla Bokstavsboken" (The little book of letters") is an ABC-book filled with my illustrations from A to Ö, including small rhymes to every letter.
Personal work, "Nightmeeting"Maja LindbergPersonal work, "Nightmeeting""Nightmeeting" Artprint
Personal work, "On the sea"Maja LindbergPersonal work, "On the sea""On the sea", Artprint
Posten Åland, Postcard, 2014Maja LindbergPosten Åland, Postcard, 20142014 I made three illustrations for Posten Åland that were used as postcards. The theme was "Autumn".
Fri tanke, "The White little piano", 2014Maja LindbergFri tanke, "The White little piano", 20142014 I illustrated a children book by Björn Ulvaeus, "The white little piano".
"My Personal Calendar", 2014, "Safari"Maja Lindberg"My Personal Calendar", 2014, "Safari"In 2014 I illustrated the designtheme for "My Personal Calendar".
Maja Lindberg

Maja Lindberg

My name is Maja Lindberg, and I work as an illustrator. 

Most of my work is made digitally in the program Procreate at my Ipad.

A lot of my illustrations are made as posters that I sell in my shop at, I've also made several children books during the years.

Some of my clients are, Verbum, GSO, Svensk Bokhandel, Posten Åland, Personlig Almanacka, Borderleap, Santoro London.