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Maja Lindén

Maja Lindén

High-quality, quickly delivered motion graphics and illustrations. As a university educated illustrator, I have experience both as news graphics designer (employed at daily newspaper) and self employed comic artist. I am easy to communicate with and used to adapting my work to the customer´s needs. You are guaranteed a good result in good time.

I run the newly started, Malmö-based animation Studio Förklara. We make explainers and infographics for print and all kinds of screens.

Latest work
A series of scientific posters designed and drawn for the Pufendorf Institute, Lund University. I helped a group of researchers to visualise scientific results in the form of comic strips.
An information movie for Lund´s center for women´s aid, that ran on the TV screens of the local trains and buses.
A series of simplified Jesus figures used in the information material of the congregation of S:t Mikael, Church of Sweden.