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A scent for youMalin BergströmA scent for youEditorial illustration
Ugly fashionMalin BergströmUgly fashionWhat was once considered impossible has now become a sign that you are indeed in style: you are no longer barefoot in your sandals.
NicoMalin BergströmNicoEditorial illustration
Beauty ProductsMalin BergströmBeauty ProductsEditorial illustration for Nylon Magazine
Editorial illustration, "OPI Nails"Malin BergströmEditorial illustration, "OPI Nails"Editorial illustration
ModsMalin BergströmModsEditorial illustration for an article about 1960's Mods culture 
TwiggyMalin BergströmTwiggyEditorial illustration for an article about 1960's Mods Culture
Free the foot!Malin BergströmFree the foot!The radical ideas of both politics and fashion that flourished in the late 1800s gained new momentum during the 1960s and 70s hippie era. Sandals were then considered a way to free the foot and allow it to get closer to the ground.
DenimMalin BergströmDenimEditorial illustration
RedMalin BergströmRedEditorial illustration
Cyber IconsMalin BergströmCyber IconsEditorial illustration for an article about cyber icon Cory Kennedy
Nike AF1: Commercial FreeMalin BergströmNike AF1: Commercial FreeEditorial illustration for an article about how the NIKE AF1 sneaker became a legend despite never having a commercial made about it
Pen StoreMalin BergströmPen StoreIllustration for Pen Store subway ads in Stockholm
Malin Bergström
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Malin Bergström

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Malin Bergström (born in Lapland, Sweden) is an Art Director & Illustrator based in Stockholm. Graduated from Konstfack with a BFA in Graphic Design & Illustration (2010).