Manne Jalilian portfolio

Mural paintingManne JalilianMural paintingMural for Söderhallarna and Stockholms stadsmission, 2018. The purpose of the campaign was to get more people to submit clothes for charitable purposes. I wanted to capture the movements and patterns of different garments and at the same time take advantage of the architecture, as part of the painting.
Absolut VodkaManne JalilianAbsolut VodkaIllustration and design for Absolut Vodka, 2018. The commercial is part of the Absolut Cubed campaign, where different drinks are presented together with a flavor. I interpreted the ”Grapefruit Drop Shot” and used the grapefruits nickname, ”The citrus of paradise", as inspiration for my design.
Act TogetherManne JalilianAct TogetherAct Together. Illustrations and animation, 2020. Work for MÄN, a non-profit association that works for gender equality, to change destructive masculinity norms and to stop men's violence. The project "Act together", targets younger students and encourages them to act when they see abuse of any kind. By discussing, among other things, what a spectator is and how that person acts, the material is meant to help as a discussion basis for teachers and children in a school environment
Very special flowersManne JalilianVery special flowersIllustration, 2020.
When sun setsManne JalilianWhen sun setsIllustration, 2019.
VaseManne JalilianVaseIllustration, 2019.
Le TigreManne JalilianLe TigreIllustration, 2017.
LandManne JalilianLandIllustration, 2018.
Spring feelingsManne JalilianSpring feelingsSpring feelings. Pattern design, 2020.
STAD NR. 13Manne JalilianSTAD NR. 13Animations for the short film Stad nr. 13, 2019. A film by director Salad Hilowle. Synopsis: A spacship has failed its mission and may crash on Earth at any time. In a small Swedish town, everyday life seems to continue as usual. Moments of life in the city are interspersed with eleven-year-old Omar's philosophical thoughts. 
LianaManne JalilianLianaLiana. Pattern design, 2019.
PantherManne JalilianPantherIllustration, 2016.
The CometManne JalilianThe CometThe Comet. Short film, 2018. Synopsis: A comet is heading towards the earth, no one knows when it will strike but danger is around the corner. The Comet is a film about longing, missing and the feeling of loneliness. By creating moving image and music, I want to explore the possibilities of expressing and describing emotions.
DaydreamingManne JalilianDaydreamingDaydreaming. Animation, 2017.
Election bumperManne JalilianElection bumperElection bumper. Animation, 2018. Intro concept for the Swedish election. Personal project showing the diversity of the swedish people.
PersiaManne JalilianPersiaPersia. Illustration and pattern designr, 2017. Inspired by persian miniature painting. 
TelenorManne JalilianTelenorAnimation for Telenor and the "Gilla lagom" campaign, 2019.
TelenorManne JalilianTelenorAnimation for Telenor and the "Gilla lagom" campaign, 2019.
Manne Jalilian
årsta, stockholm

Manne Jalilian

I'm Manne Jalilian, an artist, illustrator, animator and designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. My practice includes a variety of disciplines, such as illustration, animation, pattern design, mural painting and editorial illustration. I would describe my style as playful, colorful and decorative. I often find inspiration in my surroundings, like nature, people, architecture, music, film adn trevelling. When I'm not working with commissions, I also have my own business selling art prints and I'm running a small print shop.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design and illustration from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Represented by 2 Agenten agency in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)???????. Some of my selected clients include: Absolut Vodka, Acne, Atrium Ljungberg, MÄN, Stockholms Stadsmission och Telenor.