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Personal Work, "Hurrying, Stressing and Calmly"Maria Carleson JohanssonPersonal Work, "Hurrying, Stressing and Calmly"En historia om vår stressiga vardag med barnen, alla tokiga situationer som kan uppstå.
Maria Carleson Johansson
Persnal work "portrait, youth"Maria Carleson JohanssonPersnal work "portrait, youth"Ett privat porträtt.
Personal Work, "Whlrlpool"Maria Carleson JohanssonPersonal Work, "Whlrlpool"En fantasybild med en virvel i vattnet som har blivit ett hål, långt ner någonstans!
Maria Carleson Johansson
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Maria Carleson Johansson

My name is Maria Carleson Johansson, alias Mia Tecknare. I am an illustrator and artist, and did my education at Anders Beckman artistschool. I have been drawing and painting ever since I could hold a pen and done illustrations and covers for magazines and books, lettering and portraits. I have used a number of techniques and styles, both sketchy and thoroughly in watercolour, ink and pencil. On forest trails and secluded places and through computer games I′ve got a bunch of ideas for a new style and expression, Fantasy, where I can use both old knowledge and acquire new technique. This because I want to renew and get my own style and get to create what I really always wanted to create.