Maria Källström portfolio

The Midnight StrollersMaria KällströmThe Midnight StrollersA personal book projekt in process
Childrens book Maria KällströmChildrens book Own projekt 2020 in progress
Chapter bookMaria KällströmChapter bookpencil drawings with digital clean up,  for a chapter book. 
Children book charactersMaria KällströmChildren book charactersFirst published in 2012, and in spring 2021 two more books about the two friends eill be published with Speja förlag. A collaboration with collegue and writer Anna Platt
Photoshop frame-by-frameMaria KällströmPhotoshop frame-by-frameillustrator: Selma Källström, Maria Källström Animator: Maria Källström
Chapter bookMaria KällströmChapter bookOLIKA förlag. Writer: Jennifer Wegerup
Book illustrationMaria KällströmBook illustrationThis is one of many illustrations featured in the book series about the swedish footballplayer Olivia Schough. Writer Jennifer Wegerup. OLIKA förlag 
Book illustration ABCMaria KällströmBook illustration ABCPublished 2018 OLIKA förlag. Cover art and fullspread illustrations.
Book ABCMaria KällströmBook ABCPublished 2018, OLIKA förlag. Coverdesign and inlay illustrations
People Young adultsMaria KällströmPeople Young adultsEditorial illustration proposal
Young AdultsMaria KällströmYoung AdultsEditorial illustration
Magazine artMaria KällströmMagazine artUniversity of Gothenburg Magazine 2019
Magazine artMaria KällströmMagazine artHead ache performance review at work
Educational illustrationMaria KällströmEducational illustrationLiber förlag
Educational illutrationMaria KällströmEducational illutrationLiber Läromedel
Educational illustrationMaria KällströmEducational illustrationLiber förlag
Maria Källström
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Maria Källström

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Maria and I´ve been working as an illustrator for the past 20 years. I see myself as an illustrator with a variety of expressions. I love drawing characters and people and put a lot of work in finding an giving them personality. I want my illustration to catch interest to the subject, making them worthwile looking at for a longer time. I also have many years of eperience making graphic design for catalougues, educational materials, som logowork and patterndesign.