Maria Skantz portfolio

Webb or Poppy x-rayMaria SkantzWebb or Poppy x-rayWindymindy project. One in a series of patterns in black and white. Design for printing on textile, paper and other products.
Tulip x-rayMaria SkantzTulip x-rayWindymindy project. A series of black and white design / patterns. Design to be printed on textile, paper and other products
Lace Flower Black&WhiteMaria SkantzLace Flower Black&White"Lace Flower" Black&White – Inspired by lace and embroidery.
"Fleurrie Blue Green"Maria Skantz"Fleurrie Blue Green"Fleurrie Blue Green. Illustration in aquarelle plus mixed in photoshop – pattern printed on textile.
"Morna"Maria Skantz"Morna""Morna" – inspired by old crafts and embroidery.
"Bella the Swan"Maria Skantz"Bella the Swan"Illustration – pattern printed on cloth.
Ropeway transformed into a bridgeMaria SkantzRopeway transformed into a bridgeRetouch, Photoshop. Extention of a bridge over a ravine. Symbolizes that when you take a certain medicine it will make it easier to avoide disease relapses. Customer: Advertising Agency.
Photo and visualization of an architectural drawing Maria SkantzPhoto and visualization of an architectural drawing Mission: Photo and visualization of an architectural drawing of a place for a switchboard – placed in a small hill. Customer: Spijkerman Berg & Sprangteknik.
"Tornet" – design plus architectural drawingMaria Skantz"Tornet" – design plus architectural drawingIdea, design and architectural drawing of a tower, as an extension to a house from 1924.
Maria Skantz

Maria Skantz

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Maria Skantz. In my studio, SKANTZ DESIGN, I work as a Designer and Art Director. I also do graphic illustrations, images and patterns. Special areas of expertise: Health, Medicine, HR and Employer Branding.

I have also exhibited my design on textiles, coffee tables and lampshades at Formex in Stockholm.

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

I am passionate about developing ideas and convert them into design that feels right, based upon each client's strategy and brand. I have a broad expertise from various advertising agencies.

Tell us a little about your background. Do you have an education, or are you self-taught?

I have extensive experience from advertising agencies: Espri, Ekelund & Wik as a Graphic Designer and Talent Talk as an Art Director. I have studied courses at Berghs and Beckmans in Stockholm.

I was one of the founders of PictureMyLife. We designed and developed a digital communication tool that is now in use at schools and organizations.