Marie Herzog portfolio

Jag minns dig: en bok till dig som förlorat en viktig personMarie HerzogJag minns dig: en bok till dig som förlorat en viktig personIdus förlag, 2021 Authors: Emma Dalson & Johan Persson Suitable for: Children and youths 
Ovanliga yrkenMarie HerzogOvanliga yrkenIdus förlag, 2020 Author: Joel Berglund  38 pages Age: 5-9
Campaign showed on bussesMarie HerzogCampaign showed on bussesFor Skåne's helplines for women, transpersons and girls 2018​
Book serie: Moa & AliMarie HerzogBook serie: Moa & AliVilja förlag, 2015-2020 Author: Eva Thors Rudvall
IllustrationsMarie HerzogIllustrationsKvinnojouren i Lund, 2018  
SvanenMarie HerzogSvanenVilja förlag 2018 Author: Joel Berglund
Artistic Election Posters Marie HerzogArtistic Election Posters S-studenter, 2018
Logotype & BannerMarie HerzogLogotype & BannerVÅRØ Record Label, 2017
Album Cover: EP & SingelMarie HerzogAlbum Cover: EP & SingelKaskelott, 2017 Layout: Emil Karlsson
Logotype & patternMarie HerzogLogotype & patternCafé Rotundan, 2017
CalendarMarie HerzogCalendarMalmönackan, 2017-2018
ABC i stanMarie HerzogABC i stanVilja förlag, 2016 Author: Eva Thors Rudvall
Album Cover: EP & SingelMarie HerzogAlbum Cover: EP & SingelTwo Year Vacation, 2016
Marie Herzog

Marie Herzog

Marie Herzog is an illustrator och and designer from Malmö, with an MFA in Design from HDK-Valand.

She has been working with illustration for several years and has also held lectures in illustration and storytelling classes.

Her main focus is illustrated storytelling in books, and she has illustrated many picture books for adults (sfi). Her first picture book for children, Ovanliga yrken, came out in 2020 and was created together with the author Joel Berglund.