Marie-Louise Hedin portfolio

D.C.Mutual Aid identityMarie-Louise HedinD.C.Mutual Aid identityDesign for D.C.Mutual Aid in washington DC, logotype, posters, fliers. This flier was chosen to be part of The Library of Congress permanent exhibit in Washington DC. The logo is used with different color background as seen on facemasks. Illustrator & Photoshop.
Get Money OutMarie-Louise HedinGet Money OutGet Money Out, political protest used online, as fliers and poster Mixed digital; photomontage & illustration + graphic design
Paradigm Lost, poetry book published in USAMarie-Louise HedinParadigm Lost, poetry book published in USAIllustration & graphic design of book cover, + book layout. An inspiring project with beautiful poetry illustrated bynay talented artists, here "Unlock Your Mind" by Recycled Propaganda, "The Activist" by GILF och "Give me your Tired, Your Poor" by Lane.
Rooftop Revolutionaries´, White Marie-Louise HedinRooftop Revolutionaries´, White White, CD released by the rockband Rooftop Revolutionaries, the second in a series of  CDs, "Red, White, Blue" Digital mix of photo montage, illustration and graphic design
Fracking, illustration for documentary "Hard Road of Hope"Marie-Louise HedinFracking, illustration for documentary "Hard Road of Hope"Fracking, illustration shows what happens when fracking is used close to someone´s house & land. The illustration is shown in the documentary "Hard Road of Hope" that deals with the horrifying environmental destruction of West Virginia. Illustration in Photoshop using a Wacom pen.
Axel´s Dino Fantasy Book, private commissionMarie-Louise HedinAxel´s Dino Fantasy Book, private commissionA book for a little boy who loves dinosaurs. Here he rides "Timurlengia Euotica", T-Rex´s ancestor and plays with a newly hatched "Scipionyx". Photomontage & painting.
Pegasus flies over Stockholm, private commissionMarie-Louise HedinPegasus flies over Stockholm, private commissionDigital painting in Photoshop & photomontage gives a little girl her visual dream come true, riding/flying Pegasus over Stockholm. What a wonderful way to see this beautiful city!
ML & WatteauMarie-Louise HedinML & Watteaulooking for a promotional idea, I came across this old painting by Watteau. I realized I had a photo of myself in a similar outfit – the temptation was irresistable – I put myself in the painting, in Watteau´s 18th century Paris. This promotional piece was a big hit. Mixed media, digital, photomontage & illustration 
Kim Kardashian as Statue of LibertyMarie-Louise HedinKim Kardashian as Statue of LibertyKim Kardashian as Statue of Liberty "Tag Hollywood", commissioned by Ilene PRoctor International Public Relations, USA Digital mix of photomontage and painting
Cover illustrations for Eldorado text booksMarie-Louise HedinCover illustrations for Eldorado text booksCover illustrations to 2 of 5 text books I made for the "Eldorado 3" series, published by Natur&Kultur. water color, gouache, colored pencils, polished in Photoshop.
"The Treasure", textbook for Natur&Kultur publishing companyMarie-Louise Hedin"The Treasure", textbook for Natur&Kultur publishing companyI designed the logo, "Fena på Matte", did all the illustrations and the book layout for a series of math textbooks, 1st – 3d graders, for Natur & Kultur. The illustrations are a mix of watercolor, gouache, colored pencils and digital polishing in Photoshop. A fun project! Here you see "Skatten" = The Treasure and 2 pages. The chilren got to color the little white figures, one for every page they finished.
"Myran", "The Ant" children´s book for begiining readers publisehd by BonniersMarie-Louise Hedin"Myran", "The Ant" children´s book for begiining readers publisehd by Bonniers"Myran", "The Ant", a book aimed att children beginning to read. I did the book layout nd the illustrations, a mix of gouache, crayons with a finishing touch in Photoshop. Here you see the cover, the title page illustration of the tough ant and 2 spreads. The book was published by Bonniers and later sold to Alinea publishing in Denmark, published as "En Myre".
The Substantiala TarantulaMarie-Louise HedinThe Substantiala TarantulaThe Substantiala Tarantula, from "Bugzzz" a poetry book for children, written by Jo Minchew, not published (yet) illustration, pastels and colored pencils, & graphic design
Dreamportrait, private commissionMarie-Louise HedinDreamportrait, private commissionDreamportrait… a portrait of you in a setting you´d like to dream about. Acrylics on canvas.
Elvis the Blind Cat & FriendsMarie-Louise HedinElvis the Blind Cat & FriendsElvis the Blind Cat & Friends, a pastel portrait, private commission
Cover illustration for The Journal of Urban HistoryMarie-Louise HedinCover illustration for The Journal of Urban HistoryPermanent cover illustration for The Journal of Urban Histroy published by Sage. Instructions: realistic, like a photo, image of city center, but the city cannot be recognizable. Pen, ink, digital.
Identity for "Lena Händer"Marie-Louise HedinIdentity for "Lena Händer""Lena Händer" (="Smooth Hands"in Swedish) a good name for a comapny that offers Tactile massage. Folded business cards present excellent information. Two of several labels for jars and bottles.
VikingsMarie-Louise HedinVikingsVikings; two of several "menu cards" placed on Swedish Smörgåsbord for a party in USA – a fun (private) commission ink
Marie-Louise Hedin

Marie-Louise Hedin

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

Marie-Louise (ML) Hedin, illustrator and graphic designer, ML Hedin Images. My work = my hobby! When I am not at the computer & my Wacom tablet (for the time being I am exploring HTML5 animation) you´ll find me sketching, painting; a portrait, maybe or a mural – or out taking pics for my "PhotoMontage Archive". Most clients from Sweden and USA.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Ability to capture anyone, individuals or groups, in an illustration, depicting them in any time period, – as a "foundation" for medical illustrations – or anthropomorphizing Making clear, legible images even in tiny sizes. Children, Medical illustrations. Combining photomontage with painting and design.

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

My creativity, my experience, the ability to produce anything from illustrations, portraits to corporate visual identity – my patience. The fact I never miss a deadline.