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Röhsska - museum of design and art. IllustrationMarie Tidquist LundinRöhsska - museum of design and art. IllustrationFormkontakt was commissioned to produce construction, design and illustrations for the treasure map / treasure chest for the Röhsska Museum. The museum's educators came up with tricky questions and exciting assignments that take you around the museum's exhibitions. When you have finished the treasure hunt, you can fold your very own treasure chest (ie the Röhsska Museum) off the map.
Illustration för Gothenburg Art MuseumMarie Tidquist LundinIllustration för Gothenburg Art MuseumIllustration för Gothenburg Art Museum
Falköpings kommun - museirallyMarie Tidquist LundinFalköpings kommun - museirally  Illustration for a museum rally in Falköping municipality.
Falköpings kommun - illustrationMarie Tidquist LundinFalköpings kommun - illustrationAssignment: Illustrations for Falköping Municipality's new cultural strategy
Falköpings kommun - illustrationMarie Tidquist LundinFalköpings kommun - illustrationIllustration and graphic concept for the collaboration project “The Agreement” in Falköping Municipality.
Formkontakt - animationMarie Tidquist LundinFormkontakt - animation  Animation in stop motion for own company Formkontakt.
IllustrationMarie Tidquist LundinIllustrationIllustration till Hagatomten - ett ekologiskt lantbruk.  
Synskadades riksförbundMarie Tidquist LundinSynskadades riksförbundSynskadades riksförbund  
BokformgivningMarie Tidquist LundinBokformgivningBokformgivning  
Hagatomten ecologic farm, Illustration 2014Marie Tidquist LundinHagatomten ecologic farm, Illustration 2014Digital illustration
Really, print for children clothes, 2013Marie Tidquist LundinReally, print for children clothes, 2013Illustration for screenprint.
Illustrerad kartaMarie Tidquist LundinIllustrerad kartaKarta över ALBATROSS forskningsresa. För skriften Unda Maris, Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet, Göteborg
Marie Tidquist Lundin

Marie Tidquist Lundin

With clients as museums, organisations and ecofriendly business I work with focus on informativ, sustainable and accessible form. 
I master graphic design, illustration an webbdesign and can follow my clients from sketch to published project.