Marja Nyberg portfolio

Personal project, "dormancy"Marja NybergPersonal project, "dormancy"From my comic book project (Work in project) 2021.
Tecknaren, "clear contract"Marja NybergTecknaren, "clear contract"Page illustration, Tecknaren Magazine 2021, about writing contracts.
Forte MagazineMarja NybergForte MagazinePage illustration for Forte Magazine, article about home care. 2020.
Forte MagasinMarja NybergForte MagasinIllustration for Forte Magazine -2019.
Forte MagazineMarja NybergForte MagazineIllustration for Forte Magazine - 2019.
Book coverMarja NybergBook coverbook cover illustration for the Swedish community center association Bygdegårdarnas Riksförbund, 2019.
Christmas Calendar 2018Marja NybergChristmas Calendar 2018Christmas Calendar for SVT (Swedish television) 2018.
Birth announcement poster, 2018Marja NybergBirth announcement poster, 2018One of many Birth announcement posters avaliable for purchase in my webshop. This fox is my favorite!
LogoMarja NybergLogoLogo for my own website, Digital art, 2018.
FadäsenMarja NybergFadäsenOne square comic, Metro 2018.
"Svenska djur (Du inte visste fanns)"Marja Nyberg"Svenska djur (Du inte visste fanns)""Swedish animals - you had no idea existed". Cover for my own coloring book, 20 illustrations. Pagina Förlag, 2016.
"Svenska djur (Du inte visste fanns), 2016"Marja Nyberg"Svenska djur (Du inte visste fanns), 2016"One of the illustrations in my coloring book "Swedish animals you had no idea existed". Pagina Förlag, 2016.
WoodmonkiMarja NybergWoodmonkiOne of several illustration for
FadäsenMarja NybergFadäsenOne square comic, Metro 2017.
AmbivalensMarja NybergAmbivalensOne of several illustrations for Ambivalens, a collection of poetry by Thor Rutgersson.
"And the whole sky fell down"Marja Nyberg"And the whole sky fell down"Print, 2016.
"Flood"Marja Nyberg"Flood"Illustration for an exhibition on Water pollution.
"Jazz cat"Marja Nyberg"Jazz cat"Print, 2016.
Marja Nyberg

Marja Nyberg

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

I am an illustrator based in Stockholm. I illustrate mostly books and magazines but I'm open for all types of assignments. I combine the hand-drawn with the digital. My catchwords are watercolor, collage, ink and humor!