Marjo Palokangas portfolio

Unga Klara, ÖgonblicketMarjo PalokangasUnga Klara, ÖgonblicketAnimations in the play "Ögonblicket" played in schools in Stockholm and Sweden 2020 by Unga Klara. 
FlammanMarjo PalokangasFlammanArticle on four futures without increasing BNP.
Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, The StripMarjo PalokangasKulturhuset Stadsteatern, The StripVideoinstallation in connection with the play Äkta Känner Äkta 2019. 
Kulturhuset Stadstetern, Äkta Känner Äkta Marjo PalokangasKulturhuset Stadstetern, Äkta Känner Äkta Animations in the theatre play Äkta Känner Äkta 2019. 
Poster short movie, Man måste vara som ett bergMarjo PalokangasPoster short movie, Man måste vara som ett bergPoster (and motion graphics) to Manolo Diaz Rämös short movie Man måste vara som ett berg, 2019. Collaboration with Evelina Mohei.
short motive, Southern GatehouseMarjo Palokangasshort motive, Southern GatehouseSödra vakthuset (The Southern Gatehouse) is an animated short film made by animation students at Stockholm University of the Arts. Stockholm, 1940’s. Beckomberga psyciatric hospital is housing thousands of patients. At its southern border lies a gate and a small gatehouse. Countless people pass through over the decades. But eventually the hospital closes down, and the area begins to change.
Culture and education, region of UppsalaMarjo PalokangasCulture and education, region of UppsalaIllustrations to region of Uppsalas printed short verion of the cultural plan of 2019-2022.  
UusiTeatteri, logo, visual identity, webpageMarjo PalokangasUusiTeatteri, logo, visual identity, webpageUusiTeatteri, logo, visual identity, webpage. Collaboration with Mika Kastner Johnson. 
Personal work, "Morning coffee"Marjo PalokangasPersonal work, "Morning coffee"A short piece of animation in cut out, 2019.
Brand, illustrationMarjo PalokangasBrand, illustrationIllustration in the magazine Brand. 
Bang, SeskaröMarjo PalokangasBang, SeskaröIllustration in Bang magazine. 
Brand, "Selfieactivism - Take controle or let go?"Marjo PalokangasBrand, "Selfieactivism - Take controle or let go?"The start of the comic "Selfieactivism - Take controle or let go?" published in Brand, 2017.
Personal work, BrandenMarjo PalokangasPersonal work, BrandenExcerp from the storyboard of short movie Branden. 
Short movie, BrandenMarjo PalokangasShort movie, BrandenA still from my first animated short movie Branden, 2015. 
Studentboet, Survival guideMarjo PalokangasStudentboet, Survival guideIllustration and layout of the so called 'Studentboet's' Survival guide, 2015.
Marjo Palokangas

Marjo Palokangas

I am animator, illustrator, graphic designer and artist.

I work with my own story telling as well as animate, illustratre and design your idéas!

Education: Narrative animated film – Stockholm University of the Arts, Graphic design – Nyckelviksskolan, Art – Munka Folkhögskola

Clients: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Unga Klara, region of Uppsala, UusiTeatteri, Uppsala Student union, FIVE Sweden etc   

2D animation: classic drawn animation, motion graphics, stop motion, dolls, cut out

Programmes: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After effects, Premiere, TV Paint etc