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Cyanobacteria Precipitation of BacteriaMark BelanCyanobacteria Precipitation of BacteriaA front cover 3D illustration for Nature. It depicts the scientific value of searching for signs of life in structures called microbialites that are created through the geochemical processes of bacteria. 
Comparative Functional Anatomy of CephalopodsMark BelanComparative Functional Anatomy of CephalopodsA didactic poster illustrating the diversity and function of tentacles, beaks, and eyes of cephalopods. Wondrously unique and alien in appearance, the anatomy of cephalopods never ceases to amaze people the world over.​
PeriodontitisMark BelanPeriodontitisAn illustrated editorial spread about periodontitis. This poster details progressive changes in dental biofilm and gross morphology as the pathology advances over time.
Fruit of the Womb: The Botanical Classification of FruitMark BelanFruit of the Womb: The Botanical Classification of FruitA didactic poster illustrating the floral origins of fruit. The idea for this poster came from a summertime dinner conversation, when enjoying a salad and recalling the trivial fact that tomatoes are "actually" fruit. This spawned an interest in understanding why tomatoes are fruit, and led to an entire summer-long investigation into botanical and carpological literature. As a result, I was inspired to synthesize my findings into a visual reference guide that would be both informative and visually engaging.
Mark Belan

Mark Belan

I am a scientist and a visual storyteller who takes complex, sophisticated ideas and translates them into beautiful, educational illustrations and visuals. I have a history working in science, having completed a Bachelors in Arts & Science and Biology , and a Masters in Geochemistry and Astrobiology . My research experience has made me aware of the value and importance of scientific communication, especially from a visual basis. I've honed my skills in medical, scientific, and technical visual communication by completing my Masters in Biomedical Communicationsat the University of Toronto, and have since worked alongside healthcare and science professionals for clients like NASA and various hospital groups. I believe that with visual design and communication, we can tell better stories, accelerate learning, and make science accessible to everyone.

I am also a trained illustrator and painter, and am able to contribute to a variety of creative projects in the artistic and commercial industries.

Clients : Karolinska Institutet, Kidney Association, NASA Ames Research Center, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, The Globe and Mail

Currently seeking freelance or employment opportunities within the Swedish market. I speak and write good Swedish after having lived and worked earlier in Sweden for the Karolinska Institutet.

Please reach out to me at: