Marta Leonhardt portfolio

Christmas Figurine, 2020Marta LeonhardtChristmas Figurine, 2020Design for the collective Christmas figurine of 2020, sold in support for WWF.
Poster, 2020Marta LeonhardtPoster, 2020Graphic design and watercolor illustration. 
Little witch, 2019Marta LeonhardtLittle witch, 2019Watercolor painting
Mushroom Umbrella, 2019Marta LeonhardtMushroom Umbrella, 2019Watercolor
Picture book, 2019Marta LeonhardtPicture book, 2019Illustration in watercolor from the picture book "The brave Rabbit rider", written by Oskar Källner.
Picture book, "The brave Rabbit rider", 2019Marta LeonhardtPicture book, "The brave Rabbit rider", 2019Picture book, "The brave Rabbit rider", 2019
Picture bookMarta LeonhardtPicture bookSpread in watercolours from "The brave rabbit rider", written by Oskar Källner, Fafner publisher 2019.
A secret dragon, children's book, 2019Marta LeonhardtA secret dragon, children's book, 2019Cover illustration. Moa Mansén, Stabenfeldt 2019.
Children's book, fantasy, 2019Marta LeonhardtChildren's book, fantasy, 2019Ink illustration for "A secret dragon", written by Moa Mansén, Stabenfeldt 2019.
Children's book, fantasy, 2019Marta LeonhardtChildren's book, fantasy, 2019Ink. "A secret dragon", written by Moa Mansén, Stabenfeldt 2019.
Children book, fantasy, 2019Marta LeonhardtChildren book, fantasy, 2019Illustration in watercolours from a children's book by Wivianne Wigren, to be published in 2019. 
Fantasy, dragon, 2019Marta LeonhardtFantasy, dragon, 2019From Wivianne Wigren's "The tale of the Dragon", to be published in 2019.
The Hobbit, book cover, 2019 Marta LeonhardtThe Hobbit, book cover, 2019 Cover illustration for Barry Goldsteins translation of The Hobbit. Publisher: Olniansky Tekst.
Foxes in snow, watercolor, 2019Marta LeonhardtFoxes in snow, watercolor, 2019Painting of two foxes in snow.
Ural owl, 2019Marta LeonhardtUral owl, 2019Watercolor painting
Dragon, Malmönackan, 2019Marta LeonhardtDragon, Malmönackan, 2019Watercolour illustration for the calendar Malmönackan based in Malmö.
Children's book, fantasy, 2017Marta LeonhardtChildren's book, fantasy, 2017Spread from the children's book "Den stora jordgubbsjakten", written by Oskar Källner.

Marta Leonhardt

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My paintings are often inspired by nature and folklore. Trolls, dragonflies, deep forests and fantasy adventures are some of my favourite subjects! I work traditionally with pen and ink and paint with beautiful highest quality Schmincke watercolors. The illustrations get an extra touch in Photoshop before being delivered digitally. I do both black and white illustrations and full color, creating illustrations for print aswell as original artworks. I love to combine detailed drawing with flowing watercolor! 

Some of my biggest art influenses are John Bauer, Elsa Beskow, Arthur Rackham, Jackie Morris, Alan Lee and Brian Froud.

I live in the south of Sweden with my boyfriend and our daughter, born 2017. In my spare time I love reading, hiking, doing yoga and enjoying nature.I grew up always drawing, reading and making up stories. My hope is that my illustrations will inspire people of all ages to create their own worlds or just appreciate the natural world around them. I have worked as a professional illustrator since 2011, with focus on children's books and pedagogical material and love working with dedicated authors, publishers and art directors, collaborating to create the best work possible! I've illustrated around twenty books in different degrees and am now working on a couple of ideas of my own!

I've also worked sporadically through the years as an art teacher for children and adults in different courses and workshops.