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Martin Ander

Martin Ander

Martin Ander born 1976 is the graffiti artist and skater that merged his biggest interests and became an illustrator and graphic designer. As an illustrator Mander has got acuity, humor along with that northern melancholy. As a graphic designer he´s got the clarity and stringency, but also a friskiness that flirting with both skate, punk and graffiti. His pure, funky and sparking style of working with form and colors is unmistakably Manderistic.

Mander creates everything from underground-club flyers to doctoral dissertations. He makes illustrations for well respected magazines and makes skate graphics that´s sticking out the tongue to the audience.

He´s very throughly with finding a larger idea behind his work. The Illustrations and graphic design doesn´t only look good, there are also given thought. A sort of layer-on-layer work that let´s the viewer discover winks in the most unexpected directions.

Since the first half of the 1990´s, Mander has been a legendary poster artist in Sweden, and as a international skateboard illustrator he´s heading the same way.

– Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, Dokument Press

Career Highlights: 3rd Best Art Vinyl 2008 i nominated by Creative Review for the Fever Ray album cover. Designer of the year 2015 at the Swedish Skateboard Awards for his graphichs for Flip Skateboards.

Selected Clients: Dokument Press, Flip Skateboards, Carlsberg, Scania, DC ShoeCo USA, Reebok, Village Voice Media, NCC, Moog Music, 

Martin is also the author of The Hip Hop Board Book, The Swedish Rap-along book SLAJS and several activity books.