Martin Heap portfolio

Martin HeapZebra Crossing Abbey Road - sculpture/illustration
Martin HeapMoney or care? - magazine illustration
Martin HeapImmigrant bird - magazine cover
Martin HeapCheckmate - sculpture/illustration
Martin HeapWrapped rabbit
Martin HeapComputerised heart treatment
Martin HeapTreatment via Internet - magazine illustration
Martin HeapIllustration of a poem by the Swedish poet Werner Aspenström
Martin HeapMay Day Rabbits in Stockholm - sculpture/illustration
Martin HeapFood that induces migrain - illustration for AstraZeneca
Martin HeapDemantling a monopoy - illustration
Martin Heapillustration for a nursing magazine
Martin HeapComeback of a financial wizard - magazine illustration
Martin HeapCooperate to succeed - illustration for AstraZeneca
Martin Heap
Martin HeapUnequal distribution of water - Tomorrow magazine
Martin Heap

Martin Heap

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?My name is Martin Heap. I have worked with illustration and graphic design for many years in Stockholm, mostly for magazines, newspapers and books. I have worked a lot with 3D illustration and sculpture.
What part of your creative work do you like the most?The most exiciting part is to hatch an idea. I like to have a strong idea that highlights or compliments the text I am illustrating. Then I set about chosing a style to suit the idea.
What’s your idea of the perfect job project?Anything that is challenging!