Matilda Carlsson portfolio

Degree project in packaging designMatilda Carlsson Degree project in packaging designIllustrate and animate an information film in After Effects, about how to build an insect hotel, to learn the program.
My animated comic stripMatilda CarlssonMy animated comic stripI learn the basics in Adobe After Effects, and make an animation from my own comic strip.
Packaging design for newly started companyMatilda CarlssonPackaging design for newly started companyGroup work, packagingdesign for newly started company, sellingcups for cupping therapy. My mail part is graphic design and illustration, but also some construction design.
Package for crisps made of bee larvaeMatilda CarlssonPackage for crisps made of bee larvaeSchool project, a package to market food containing insects. Corn and bee larvae. 
Sturtevanti cold sore cream, school assignmentMatilda CarlssonSturtevanti cold sore cream, school assignmentSchool assignment: Design a package inspired by an artwork at the Modern Museum. Sturtevanti is a combination of the painting "Raysse Peinture of the Haute Tension" by the artist Sturtevant, and the packaging of the cold sore cream Anti.  
Group work packaging designMatilda CarlssonGroup work packaging designGroup work "Superb business ideas", packaging design at Nackademin. My part was mainly to illustrate the plants.
School project. Buns package for Vetekatten.Matilda CarlssonSchool project. Buns package for Vetekatten.School project, plastic bag for buns, to Vetekatten. Front and back.
School project, plastic bags for cardamom length, for Vetekatten. MockupMatilda CarlssonSchool project, plastic bags for cardamom length, for Vetekatten. MockupSchool project, design on plastic bags for cardamom length, for Vetekatten. Mockup (Bakery photo by Miti, on Unsplash)
Packaging design, childs products. TeamworkMatilda CarlssonPackaging design, childs products. TeamworkTeamwork, design package for childrens products.My part mostly illustrations and illustrations ideas.
School assignment, tags for rainponcho "UV".Matilda CarlssonSchool assignment, tags for rainponcho "UV".School assignment, design a rainponcho with logo and packaging/tags, etc. Three small tags with front and back info, in cardboard, held by the ponchon with plastic straps. Reduces the amount of packaging material. The poncho is in uv-colors and the nave is UV, written with two drops of rain.
Instruction picture for hammer drillMatilda CarlssonInstruction picture for hammer drillInstruction for hammer drill. Vector graphics.
Airbrush in PhotoshopMatilda CarlssonAirbrush in PhotoshopThe inside of an airbrush. Photoshop
instruction imageMatilda Carlssoninstruction image  Instructions on how to open a safety pin. To show examples of instruction image.
TC Skot logotypeMatilda CarlssonTC Skot logotypeLogotype to forestry machine company. The machines crane and prehensile claw represents T and C.
Leif G.W Persson, pencildrawingMatilda CarlssonLeif G.W Persson, pencildrawingPencil drawing
Twig of chestnut.Matilda CarlssonTwig of chestnut.Twig of chestnut with bud, drawn with dot technique.
Wasp painted in water colorMatilda CarlssonWasp painted in water colorWasp painted with water color, seen through microscope.
Matilda Carlsson

Matilda Carlsson

Matilda Carlsson is my name, I prefer to draw and paint with traditional methods, but edit on computer and am a practised user of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Also has experience in motif painting/airbrush painting. Have had painting and drawing as my biggest interest in my whole life, and have been studying on art school, culture entrepreneurship, ethology since I gladly draw pictures of natural sciences, and have a degree in information design with specialization in informative illustration. Recently graduated package designer/graphic designer and would like to work as a graphic designer/junior designer or similar at a bureau or a housing agency.