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Math problem, Bonnier utbildningMats RundlöfMath problem, Bonnier utbildningSolve an equation by considering how many of each dish that were served.
Book cover, bonnier utbildningMats RundlöfBook cover, bonnier utbildningCover for a book on mathematics for kids about 9-12years old
Moving macromolecules, KTHMats RundlöfMoving macromolecules, KTHA long molecule gradually goes into a porous material. It takes a long time (for Royal Inst of technology)
Fibrills inside a fiber, KTHMats RundlöfFibrills inside a fiber, KTHSmall fibrills inside a wood fibre, scientific illustration for the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Death of industries, Swedish Pulp and Papermakers magazineMats RundlöfDeath of industries, Swedish Pulp and Papermakers magazineTraditional industry is gradually closed down
very elastic new material, KTHMats Rundlöfvery elastic new material, KTHNew material which can be extremely elongated before it breaks
Patterns in microcosmos, for textile or fine art printMats RundlöfPatterns in microcosmos, for textile or fine art printView from microcosmos, small spheres on an atomically smooth mirror, illuminated to look like this through a microscope.
Book cover, Sanoma utbildningMats RundlöfBook cover, Sanoma utbildningTraditions all year around. Cover for a book describing traditions and their origin.
Math problem, Bonnier utbildningMats RundlöfMath problem, Bonnier utbildningTo illustrate a mathproblem for kids at school (Bonnier utbildning)
Math problems, Bonnier utbildningMats RundlöfMath problems, Bonnier utbildningIllustration of two mathematical problems for the centre spread in a book for Bonnier utbildning
Math problemMats RundlöfMath problemMathproblem with an elevator illustrating -4 to +8
Information, Billerud KorsnäsMats RundlöfInformation, Billerud KorsnäsPiercing can cause bacteria in paper used for wrapping food. Care is needed, risk for unhappy customers.
Postcard, personal workMats RundlöfPostcard, personal workThe cat enjoys summer vacation by the sea
Christmas greetings, personal projectMats RundlöfChristmas greetings, personal projectChristmas card from Capisco
Mats Rundlöf
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Mats Rundlöf

I strongly wish to do things well; Pictures (text and graphic design) to communicate both content and feeling, in fairy tales, comics, science, educational material, management etc. For clients like Alstom, Billerud Korsnäs, Bonnier utbildning, KTH…

Background: industrial paper science, PhD from KTH