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The elephant in the roomMattias KällThe elephant in the roomAn illustration about to handle difficult situation, as an example: a colleague that smells bad.
Unionen SurveillanceMattias KällUnionen SurveillanceAn illustration of surveillance at your job. What is your boss allowed to do and not?
The Land of PlentyMattias KällThe Land of PlentyEliston Australia wanted to tell about their new residential area. The concept is The Land of Plenty. Plenty of room for a good life.
All about diabetesMattias KällAll about diabetesAn illustration to an article about the importance of footcare for a person with diabetes.
Framtidens proteinkällorMattias KällFramtidens proteinkällorIllustration till artikel om framtidens proteinkällor. Här syns labbodlat kött.
Populist vs expertMattias KällPopulist vs expertExpert versus populist. Illustration till artikel i tidningen Vi om hur ytterligheterna populisten och experten drar i politiker och väljare.
ExperillabMattias KällExperillabIllustration for ExperioLab
ExperioLabMattias KällExperioLabIllustration for ExperioLab
The image of SwedenMattias KällThe image of SwedenAn illustration for the magazine Vi and an article about the image of Sweden that foreign reporters gives their readers.
Karl bicycle insuranceMattias KällKarl bicycle insuranceIllustration for an austrian insurance company specialised in insurances for bicycles.
Train vs airplaneMattias KällTrain vs airplaneAn illustration for a magazine that compares the carbondioxide emissions from airplane and train.
Life new years promisesMattias KällLife new years promisesAn illustration for the magazine Live Life and an article about how to keep your new years promises.
I köketMattias KällI köketTill en bok med kost- och motionsråd för den som fått artros.
EqualityMattias KällEqualityAn illustration about equality at work.
Mattias Käll
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Mattias Käll

I've been working as an illustrator for eight years and before that I worked at agencies as an Art Director. I really enjoy drawing and I love my job.

Today I work mainly with agencies and content agencies with clients like Unionen, Clas Ohlson, PostNord, Transportarbetarförbundet and Life stores. When I'm given a good idea from a skilled Art Director or if I'm commissioned to illustrate an interesting article from a magazine – that makes me smile!

I enjoy indie music, I bake bread, and I care for human rights, nature and how to create a sustainable future