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My name is Michelle Riedl and I curently work part- time as a Graphic designer/Webb designer. I also freelance as an illustrator, productdesigner and animator. My background consists of a Bachelor´s degree in Informative Design, with a focus on Informaive Illustration. Informative Design is a very wide subject, where many different techniques and methods are applied – anything from animation and traditional illustration to graphic design and UX/UI. Focus is primarily on adapting the design for the target audience and developing a concept from beginning to end – to ensure the design is as informative as possible and conveys the intended mesage properly.

During my education and subsequent work experience, I have developed high skills and competences within the Adobe Suite Creative Cloud- programs, such as Photohop, Illustrator, After Effects and InDesign, etc., as well as the Microsoft Office Suite, WordPress, and basic knowledge in HTML and CSS. My work experience consists of part- time work in Webbdesign, but I have also worked on several separate projects such as logotype- and concept development.

In my spare time I focus on more illustrative projects – my passion – and have lately also delved into sculpting. When it comes to assignments I enjoy every kind of design – becasue they all light a creative spark, but in different ways. Most recently I developed a logotype for a compny and before that worked on a WordPress- site for another. I like variety and challenges in my work, and trying new techniques and stiles, as well as working with clients to develop the best possible solution on a project.

Please don´t hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions or want to discuss an assignment.

Best wishes, Michelle Riedl