MIkael Andersson portfolio

MIkael AnderssonIllustration showing a solution for noise trapping. Comissioned by Christian Berner AB
MIkael AnderssonHaptic simulator. Illustration. Client Unjo
MIkael AnderssonAccessible. Set of illustrations for Västtrafiks annual report 2009 (2010). Produced in conjunction with Per-Ander Nilsson Illustration AB
MIkael AnderssonIn production. Animation showing manufaction of a product in a highly automatic plant, from parts to packaging.
MIkael AnderssonCircuit Board. Illustration and animation 2009. Client Zebra Reklambyrå
MIkael AnderssonPROA ROPAX class ship. Illustration of a ship 2009
MIkael AnderssonAllerum sofa. Illustration for BEMZ 2010
MIkael AnderssonSoot Free Combustion. Animation for client IQR 2010
MIkael AnderssonThe battle for Tobruk. Historical illustration showing a FLAK 88 with crew preparing for battle, early in the morning of june 20th, 1942. (2008)
MIkael AnderssonBallast Water Treatment. Illustrations and animation for Wärtsilä Sweden 2010
MIkael AnderssonSurgical Gown and health care products. Series of illustrations for Västra Götalandsregionen, 2006
MIkael AnderssonAutomotive safety. Series of illustrations for Autoliv, 2008
MIkael AnderssonTRIGEN Power Plant. Serie illustrationer för Wärtsilä FInland 2010
MIkael AnderssonSystematic safety. Set of illustrations för Autoliv 2009
MIkael AnderssonIllustration from series of images showing new koncepts for safety. Commissioned by Autoliv 2012
Scissor lift with hydraulics, 2017MIkael AnderssonScissor lift with hydraulics, 2017Series of illustrations for education on boom lifts and scissor lifts.
Hotel room, 2016MIkael AnderssonHotel room, 2016Hotel room in highrise buildning just before a fire starts and triggers the fire detection system. Animation.
MIkael Andersson

MIkael Andersson

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