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Spread from the childrens book "Simma vilse" ("Being lost in the sea")Mikaela NordlundSpread from the childrens book "Simma vilse" ("Being lost in the sea")Illustration from the book "Simma vilse" ("Being lost in the sea") written by Sofia Dorotea Svensson. A book filled with adventures for the child that loves when it tingles in the belly from excitement!
Recovering, Södertälje kommunMikaela NordlundRecovering, Södertälje kommunPictures made for recovery files published on Södertälje county's intranet.
Calming, Södertälje countyMikaela NordlundCalming, Södertälje countyPictures published on Södertälje county's intranet.
Meditation, Södertälje county Mikaela NordlundMeditation, Södertälje county Series of pictures published on Södertälje county's intranet.
Mindfullness, Södertälje county.Mikaela NordlundMindfullness, Södertälje county.Serie of Pictures made for Sodertälje county's intranet.
Prince of cherry blooms.Mikaela NordlundPrince of cherry blooms.Childrensbook published by NA-förlag 2019.    Digital art.
From "Prince of Cherrie blooms"Mikaela NordlundFrom "Prince of Cherrie blooms"From the childrens book "Körsbärsprinsen". Published by NA förlag 2019   Digital art.
Crazy old foxesMikaela NordlundCrazy old foxesOwn project.
"Feeling foxy" personal workMikaela Nordlund"Feeling foxy" personal workAquarelle on paper
"Dive or fly" Personal work.Mikaela Nordlund"Dive or fly" Personal work.Personal work that is in the process of being illustrated. Meant for kids 6-9 years.
"Either or!" Personal workMikaela Nordlund"Either or!" Personal workA story of my own that are in the process of being illustrated. Meant for age 6-9 years.
"At the cinema" Personal workMikaela Nordlund"At the cinema" Personal workColourful painting that suits newspapers and commercial work.
Food illustration, 2018Mikaela NordlundFood illustration, 2018I love doing food illustration.
"Brave" Kreativ insiktMikaela Nordlund"Brave" Kreativ insiktIllustration for Kreativ Insikt. Describing feeling brave. Aquarelle and ink.
Studio natal, "Babies", watercolour.Mikaela NordlundStudio natal, "Babies", watercolour.Babys in three different colours. Customized for the customer.
Humpback AuroraMikaela NordlundHumpback AuroraAmazing creatures that sing their way through the ocean.
"A place called home"Mikaela Nordlund"A place called home"School assignment, Berghs SoC
Mikaela Nordlund
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Mikaela Nordlund

My passion lies in creating pictures that tells stories that goes beyond the written word. I prefer to work in traditional techniques, but I also work in programs as Photoshop and illustrator.

Employes: NA förlag, Kreativ Insikt, Bjärefågel, Norra skåne, nordisk kriminalkrönika, Södertälje kommun m.fl.