Mimmi Tollerup
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Mimmi Tollerup

My name is Mimmi Tollerup and I have worked as a cartoonist and Illustrator since the late 1980 's. I was born and raised in Stockholm but living in the countryside since 1992.

For me, the picture is a language! And I get inspired by trying to find a new expression, different mood  and the uniqueness of every new mission. I use different materials, watercolor, tempera, collage, ink, crayons and. .. I rarely work in the computer.

I have been working on illustration in many different forms and contexts of materials, information, magazines, exhibitions, animation and, above all, to draw children books.

I have illustrated more than 50 children books in collaboration with many different authors and have been published by majority of swedish publishers, and translated into several languages.

I like to have close cooperation with the author to let words and pictures  tell their stories in a way to touch the reader in a profound way.

I have worked on series of stories with Stefan Casta and Anna Jansson where I have drawn the pictures in books of "Blueberry patrol" Opal publishers, and "Emil Wern" Rabén & Sjögren.

Most recently, I have participated in many projects in Söderköping, Sweden, Medieval Centre. I have met children and young people in special school in order to find out their thoughts and reflections on the middle ages. These meetings were then used as the basis for a virtual installation of the middle ages. My illustration was animated and displayed on an approximately 2.5 X 5 meter large screen where the viewer can interact in various scenes in a medieval world. Elias Furenhed has done the technical work. There is also an outdoor permanent exhibition and a virtual App on the same theme made with my artworks.

I do some self expressive paintings and sculptures for exhibitions and galleries. Also I accept orders to paint other´s vision.

I do ofen workshops in scool and library.