Moa Engblom portfolio

STOCKHOLM Fashion illustration, 2020. Moa EngblomSTOCKHOLM Fashion illustration, 2020. Fashion inspired illustration with view of Stockholm, created in liquid ink, watercolor and digital painting, 2020. 
YELLOW Fashion illustration, 2020Moa EngblomYELLOW Fashion illustration, 2020Fashion illustration, created with digital painting, 2020. 
OLD TOWN Fashion illustration, 2020Moa EngblomOLD TOWN Fashion illustration, 2020Fashion inspired illustration of one of the beautiful alleys in Old Town, Stockholm, created in liquid ink, watercolor and digital painting, 2020. 
SUNDSVALL Product illustration, 2019.Moa EngblomSUNDSVALL Product illustration, 2019.Product design, tray with motif over the city of Sundsvall, 2019.
HOTEL KNAUST Stadsillustration, 2017Moa EngblomHOTEL KNAUST Stadsillustration, 2017HOTEL KNAUST. Illustration, 2017. Markers & water color. 
STONE TOWN City illustration, 2016.Moa EngblomSTONE TOWN City illustration, 2016.STONE TOWN City illustration for home products, 2016. Watercolor & Ink. 
CITRUS Pattern Design, 2016Moa EngblomCITRUS Pattern Design, 2016CITRUS Pattern design. Mixed technique, watercolor and vector illustration.
YELLOW JACKET Illustration, 2014Moa EngblomYELLOW JACKET Illustration, 2014YELLOW JACKET Illustration, 2014. Fashion illustration, indian ink & watercolor. 
SOMMARKATT (transl "summer cat") Painting, 2018Moa EngblomSOMMARKATT (transl "summer cat") Painting, 2018SOMMARKATT (transl "summer cat") Painting, 2018. Mixed media / collage. 
ZARA Student work Berghs SoC, 2014Moa EngblomZARA Student work Berghs SoC, 2014ZARA Student work Berghs SoC, 2014. Vector illustration & indian ink. 
LET'S MAKE UP Illustration, 2013Moa EngblomLET'S MAKE UP Illustration, 2013LET'S MAKE UP Vector illustration, 2013. 
AIR BALLOON Illustration, 2017Moa EngblomAIR BALLOON Illustration, 2017AIR BALLOON Illustration for a children's room poster, 2017. Water color, digital painting & vector technique. 
CHRISTMAS, Album art, 2020Moa EngblomCHRISTMAS, Album art, 2020Album art for a country band, with inspiration from knitted christmas sweaters. Illustration and graphic design/layout, 2020. 
PINK WINTER Pattern / Illustration, 2015Moa EngblomPINK WINTER Pattern / Illustration, 2015PINK WINTER Pattern / Illustration, 2015. Vector illustration. 
WINTER SCENERY Illustration, 2015Moa EngblomWINTER SCENERY Illustration, 2015WINTER SCENERY Illustration, 2015. Vector illustration & water color. 
MULTIPLICATION DISCO Cd cover, 2017Moa EngblomMULTIPLICATION DISCO Cd cover, 2017MULTIPLICATION DISCO Cd cover,  2017. Illustration & layout, vector technique. CD cover with music inspired math for children in elementary school. 
FLORA Illustration, 2016Moa EngblomFLORA Illustration, 2016FLORA Illustration, 2015. Water color & vector technique.
ABC Book cover, 2015Moa EngblomABC Book cover, 2015ABC Book cover, 2015. Illustration & layout, vector technique. Book cover for a music based study book, for children in pre school. 
Moa Engblom

Moa Engblom

I am a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and photographer. In my work you will find a decorative and graphic tone and often with a playful expression – as often as not with a sense of fashion as well. My favourite thing is to to create beautifully, smart and with a strong sense for color and design.

I do patterns and illustration work for publishing houses, magazines, advertising, companies, logotypes, product design and for interior use. Depending on the assignment I create my work either with ink, paint, pencil, water color, vectorized digital design – or a mix of various techniques. 

I work well with Adobe programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. 

Welcome to contact me with any request you might have. I hope we'll talk soon!