Moa Fagerlund portfolio

Private customer, poster, 2018Moa FagerlundPrivate customer, poster, 2018A comission from a private customer. 
Personal work, illustration, 2017Moa FagerlundPersonal work, illustration, 2017A map over Gotland
Scandic Hotels, illustration, 2017Moa FagerlundScandic Hotels, illustration, 2017An illustrations to inform women how they can check their breast to detect breastcancer.
Personal work, alphabet poster, 2019Moa FagerlundPersonal work, alphabet poster, 2019A poster with the swedish alphabet.
Saga Egmont, cover illustration, 2019Moa FagerlundSaga Egmont, cover illustration, 2019A cover to the e-book/audio book, Stå på dig, Sverre. A book för children 9-12 years.
Idus förlag, Childrens book illustrations, 2019Moa FagerlundIdus förlag, Childrens book illustrations, 2019Illustrations for the book of Mille och Monstersindeln. A book for children 3-6 years old.
Saga Egmont, coverillustration, 2019Moa FagerlundSaga Egmont, coverillustration, 2019Coverillustration for audio-book and e-book.
Christian Hedberg, illustration, 2017Moa FagerlundChristian Hedberg, illustration, 2017Illustration which was placed on a t-shirt to celebrate mothers.
One relation/HSB, illustration, 2019Moa FagerlundOne relation/HSB, illustration, 2019Christmasillustration for a bigger gathering with HSB.
Saga Egmont, coversillustration, 2019Moa FagerlundSaga Egmont, coversillustration, 2019Cover for an audiobook/e-book.
Private customer, Illustration wedding couple, 2019Moa FagerlundPrivate customer, Illustration wedding couple, 2019Illustration for a private customer to illustrate at portrait of a wedding couple.
Saga Egmont, coverillustration, 2019Moa FagerlundSaga Egmont, coverillustration, 2019Illustration for a cover to a audiobook/ebook for kids.
Novi Real Estate, mapillsutrationMoa FagerlundNovi Real Estate, mapillsutrationIllustrated map
Moa Fagerlund

Moa Fagerlund


Welcome to my page. My name is Moa and I'm the illustrator behind these illustrations. Today I'm working as an graphic designer and illustrator. I'm an employee and a freelancer. Scandic Hotels, One relation, Saga Egmont and Idus Förlag are companies that I have och still do freelance for. I'm loving every comission and looking forward to get new ones. The main part of my illustrations are made in Illustrator or Photoshop. But I do my sketches by hand on paper. I love good cooperation and of course a happy and satisfied customer.