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Boken om ÖlNeale PaylingBoken om ÖlBook cover for the book "Boken om öl", published by Natur & Kultur. I did all illustrations inside the book, as well as the design and layout.
TropikosNeale PaylingTropikosBeer label for Stigbergets Bryggeri
Grandpa fönsterNeale PaylingGrandpa fönsterIllustration that was later painted on a window of the store GRANDPA in Gothenburg.
Grandma JytteNeale PaylingGrandma JytteAn illustration for the book "Boken om öl"
MaibockNeale PaylingMaibockBeer label for Stigbergets Bryggeri
PigeonNeale PaylingPigeonA pigeon drinking from a puddle, from the book "Boken om öl"
Stigbergets BuñuelNeale PaylingStigbergets BuñuelBeer label for Stigbergets Bryggeri
Stigbergets New World PilsnerNeale PaylingStigbergets New World PilsnerBeer label for Stigbergets Bryggeri
Spiders, gig posterNeale PaylingSpiders, gig posterPoster for the band "Spiders" concert at Stora Teatern in Gothenburg.
Stigbergets, Just As Amazing HazeNeale PaylingStigbergets, Just As Amazing HazeIllustration and typography for Stigbergets beer can. Acrylic on paper.
Stigbergets, Three-headed CodNeale PaylingStigbergets, Three-headed CodIllustration and typography for Stigbergets beer can. The fish: Acrylic on canvas. Typography: Brush pen.
Stigbergets, "Wee Heavy"Neale PaylingStigbergets, "Wee Heavy"Illustration for Stigbergets "Wee Heavy". Acrylic on paper.
Kinolandet, PosterNeale PaylingKinolandet, PosterPoster for Kinolandet. Mixed media (acrylic / brush pen)
Wine Mechanics, PosterNeale PaylingWine Mechanics, PosterPoster for Wine Mechanics autumn events.
Ölpölen, T-shirt Neale PaylingÖlpölen, T-shirt Illustration for a t-shirt for "The beer puddle", a podcast about beer.
Stigbergets, West Coast IPANeale PaylingStigbergets, West Coast IPABeer label for Stigbergets Bryggeri. Seagull: Acrylic on paper. 
Neale Payling
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Neale Payling

Illustrator & graphic designer. Working with mixed media. Often are my illustrations painted with acrylic paint, and then manipulated digitally.