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Portrait of CEO, Probi's annual reportNikki SchmidtPortrait of CEO, Probi's annual reportPortrait of Probi's CEO for their annual report. See more at
Biosphere for BalticNikki SchmidtBiosphere for BalticInformational short film for the international project Biosphere for Baltic. I made the storyboard, script, voice directions, illustrations and animations.
Website and graphic identity for sexual rightsNikki SchmidtWebsite and graphic identity for sexual rightsWebsite, graphic identity, logo and printed material for a Arvsfonden project that helps people who has been through sexual assault or rape. Read more at
The Kindness Calendar, Friends 2014 - 2019Nikki SchmidtThe Kindness Calendar, Friends 2014 - 2019Visual identity, illustration and graphic design. The Kindness is a advent calendar which works as a bootcamp in kindness. The income from the sales goes to an non profit organisation, and we've collaborated with Swedish Plan and Friends.  See more at
Our diverse city, Vårt MalmöNikki SchmidtOur diverse city, Vårt MalmöEditorial illustration for the magazine Vårt Malmö. Read more at
GreensNikki SchmidtGreensIllustration of edible plants. Graphite and digital collage. See more at
The teeny tiny ghost, childrens bookNikki SchmidtThe teeny tiny ghost, childrens bookA childrens book about a very tiny ghost and global warming. Author: Brita Staal, Publisher: NA Förlag See more at
What is pain? Illustration for kidsNikki SchmidtWhat is pain? Illustration for kidsCustomer: Region Skåne / Hässleholms hospital. Digital illustrations for a material for kids about chronic pain and how that effects a person. See more at
Graphic RecordingNikki SchmidtGraphic Recording-
Girls Globe, Editorial illustrationNikki SchmidtGirls Globe, Editorial illustrationIllustration for an article on Girls Globe's website, concerning womens perception of pain and stereotypes.
Riksbyggen, History signNikki SchmidtRiksbyggen, History signA short resumé of Davidshall's history in Malmö City. Illustration & Graphic Design.
UMAN Magazine, Editorial illustrationNikki SchmidtUMAN Magazine, Editorial illustrationIllustration for the article Deadline / Production Line, regarding how heavy deadlines affects architects perception of their work. The illustration Brain Wars shows the dramatic creative process occuring during hard pressure and a shortage of time.
Sveriges Ingenjörer, Workshop illustration, 2016Nikki SchmidtSveriges Ingenjörer, Workshop illustration, 2016Workshop illustrations for the Union for Engineers in Sweden. Their campaign Idélandet (Idea nation) gatherd engineers from across the country to figure out solution for future challenges regarding society and the enviroment.
Private Project, Vector illustration, 2016.Nikki SchmidtPrivate Project, Vector illustration, 2016.Illustration "Ocean Space", digital vectorillustration.
Art on demand, graphite & aquarelle, 2015.Nikki SchmidtArt on demand, graphite & aquarelle, 2015.Art on demand, graphite & aquarelle, 2015.
Cikada, Visual identityNikki SchmidtCikada, Visual identityLogotype and visual profile for the producer and artist Cikada, 2017.
Our Malmö, Editorial illustrationNikki SchmidtOur Malmö, Editorial illustrationEditorial illustration for an article in the city of Malmö's newspaper Our Malmö. Showing instructions on how to be a better consumer for the enviroment and factory workers, using Slow Fashion.
Nikki Schmidt
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Nikki Schmidt

Illustrator, designer, 2D-animator and graphic recorder. Offers a wide range of techniques, both analogue and digital. Passionate about sustainability and social issues. Dedication for quality, holistic perspectives and details.