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Grant Thornton, corporate illustration, environment and future and business. Nils-Petter EkwallGrant Thornton, corporate illustration, environment and future and business. Corporate illustration for finance company Grant Thornton. About the environment in future and how your business could survive. 
Grant Thornton - gender equalityNils-Petter EkwallGrant Thornton - gender equalityEditorial illustration for finance company Grant Thornton. About Covid and importance of gender equality in boards. 
Grand Thornton - future-proof Nils-Petter EkwallGrand Thornton - future-proof Editorial illustration for finance company Grand Thornton. About how to future-proof the company. 
VPN Tunnels, Atea Nils-Petter EkwallVPN Tunnels, Atea Illustration for Swedish Tech company Atea. Illustration describing Atea’s backup services for municipalities, VPN-tunnels through internet to safe backups in undergrund shelters and how the computer system restores data after virus attacks.
Atea Software Asset Management cutaway illustration Nils-Petter EkwallAtea Software Asset Management cutaway illustration Cutaway Illustration for IT infrastructure supplier ATEA. Illustration about Software Asset Management. Each part of the company's service plan is depicted as a floorplan in the office building. 
Vattenfall, illustration for Ad campaignNils-Petter EkwallVattenfall, illustration for Ad campaignNils-Petter was commissioned by Nord DDB to illustrate an ad campaign for Swedish Vattenfall. Vattenfall is one of Europe’s largest electricity and heat producers. The illustrations was used for magazine ads, Eurosize posters and animated banners. Illustrations: Nils-Petter Ekwall Agency: Nord DDB Client: Vattenfall
JCK Magazine (US), Mom-and-Pop Jewelers, editorial. Nils-Petter EkwallJCK Magazine (US), Mom-and-Pop Jewelers, editorial. Editorial illustration. For article about Mom-and-pop jewelers adding locations / shops. JCK is a glossy magazine from New York and is covering news, trends and fashion within the jewelry industry in US.  
IT-Infrastructure - Lund MunicipalityNils-Petter EkwallIT-Infrastructure - Lund MunicipalityInfographic illustration for Lund Municipality visualizing the IT-infrastructure in three levels. Client: Lund Municipality.
Volkswagen, cityscapeNils-Petter EkwallVolkswagen, cityscapeIllustration for Volkswagen Magazine. For an article about future city planning and driverless cars. 
Unionen, magazine cover illustration, 2016Nils-Petter EkwallUnionen, magazine cover illustration, 2016Nils-Petter was comissioned to work on illustrations for Swedish trade union UNIONEN - covers and inlays for two different branches - the Trade sector and the Industrial sector. Client: UNIONEN Illustrator: Nils-Petter Ekwall
Ahlsell, Wall calendar, 2016Nils-Petter EkwallAhlsell, Wall calendar, 2016Nils-Petter was commissioned by Ahlsell AB to illustrate their 2016 Wall Calendar. Ahlsell AB is the leading technical trading company in the Nordic countries within installation products, tools and machinery. The illustrations shows the company’s various value-added services. Client: Ahlsell AB | Illustrations by Nils-Petter Ekwall See for the rest of the illustrations. 
Svensk Fjärrvärme, Cityscape, Corporate workNils-Petter EkwallSvensk Fjärrvärme, Cityscape, Corporate workNils-Petter was commissioned by Hemma to illustrate a number of brochures and information material for Svensk Fjärrvärme - Swedish District Heating Association. The illustration where used for the Swedish District Heating Association's project to explain and highlight the benefits of a sustainable, low-carbon and ecological sound heating industry. Agency: Hemma Client: Svensk Fjärrvärme 2016.  
Braathens Regional Airlines, illustrated Sweden map, editorial Nils-Petter EkwallBraathens Regional Airlines, illustrated Sweden map, editorial Nils-Petter was commissioned to make an illustrated map of Sweden for Braathens Airlines showing the company’s airports in Sweden. For use in their magazines.  
Gemalto, Smart city Nils-Petter EkwallGemalto, Smart city Highly detailed city-scape Illustration for digital security company Gemalto UK on M2M (Machine to Machine) technology, making Cities greener, more efficient and better connected. Client: Gemalto UK.
Ingenjören, Robot colleagues at workNils-Petter EkwallIngenjören, Robot colleagues at workNils-Petter was commissioned to illustrate an article about Robot colleagues for Swedish magazine Ingenjören - art directed by Ola Carlson from OffSide Press - (the guys behind Swedish gigants like Off Side and Filter magazine.) Client: Sveriges Ingenjörer (The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers)
Axel Johnson AB, Axville cityscape Nils-Petter EkwallAxel Johnson AB, Axville cityscape Cityscape Illustration for Axel Johnson Group showing their companies and groups in a fictitious city called Axville. For Axel Johnson's Annual report, Websites and Brochures.
Movium - Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Life in the CityNils-Petter EkwallMovium - Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Life in the CityLife in the City | Illustration for conference about future green urban planning Movium - SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Nils-Petter Ekwall
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Nils-Petter Ekwall

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Nils-Petter Ekwall and I help clients with their visual communication. Whether they are ad agencies, record labels, publishers or magazines – I do my best producing illustration and graphic design in highest quality.

Have you received any awards or prizes?

I was awarded a Merit and a Honorable Mention at 3×3 Illustration Show no 13, I was included in the book 100 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2016/2017 and I was shortlisted on AOI's World Illustration Awards 2015. Before that I came on the third place in Graphic Design category at Digital Artist Award in London 2009 with a piece for French record label Falco Invernale Records. I made illustrations for the book "Hur vill vi ha framtiden" (Givakt Information) which was awarded 1st place in the non-fiction books category at the Swedish Publishing Awards in 2006. My work has also been published in several international design books over the years – most recently; New Big Book of Layouts (HarperCollins, 2010), Design DNA: Logos (Rockport Publishers, 2010) and Logoliscious (Harper Collins, 2010).