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wild animalsNino Kellerwild animalsswedish animals in the wild
Making notesNino KellerMaking notesoilpainting
new years eveNino Kellernew years evegrandfather and sons son
KamratpostenNino KellerKamratpostenOmslag till KP
easy readingNino Kellereasy readingOmslag till Sam och plånboken
studbook Learn how to write poetry Nino Kellerstudbook Learn how to write poetry  Learn how to write poetry 
Recycling Nino KellerRecycling Vue over the recyclingpark
Scary kidsNino KellerScary kidsartikel i Kamratposten KP.
FrågvisNino KellerFrågvisQ and A between children and sientists.
Rehearsal roomNino KellerRehearsal roomRockband rehearsing
Fun storiesNino KellerFun storiesA fly in the milk
Nino Keller

Nino Keller

Hi! My name is Nino Keller and I'm an illustration-artist and musician. Most of my work is for children in their school age. Magazines, chapter books among other.

Some of my clients are: Kamratposten, Egmont kärnan, Universitetet, Rabén & Sjögren, Forma, Alfabeta, Sanoma education, Natur & Kultur, Bonnier Carlsen, Bonnier tidskrifter,TT-spektra, Hegas, Majdalawi Masterpieces and more.

It's easy for me to get a vision from a text. But I also enjoy to discuss and work on ideas together with the author. Never missed a deadline.