Ola Gustafsson

Ola Gustafsson

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Ola Gustafsson and I do covers, I illustrate children´s books for digital media and print. I illustrate and design infographics for newspapers and magazines. I design and illustrate education material, brochures, ads and posters, icons, logos and vignettes. I always start with a pencil drawing, and then complete it in illustrator, photoshop, indesign, after effects, painter and/or CInema 4D.

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

I am very easy to work with. I enjoy coming up with ideas together with the client. I keep timetables, talk through different styles with the client and provide sketches and storyboard at an early stage of the process. All this in order to keep the work flow fast and lean. Playful professionalism, you might say.

Have you received any awards or prizes?

Among the best things I've recieved was a longlisting for mine and author Flora Majdalawi´s children´s book "A story of an oyster". It was for the highly esteemed arbabic Sheikh Sayed Book prize, one of the richest and most prestigious prizes in the world.