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Hello. My name is Ola Skogäng and I am an illustrator, writer, teacher and a scrip doctor. I work with this fulltime and I have for the past 20 years worked with advertising, television, film, books, museums, municipalities, newspapers, photography, computer games and taught in dramaturgy and art. I have also managed to write and draw my first six comic books about Theos Occulta Kuriositeter, of which the first book was awarded the Comic Academy's Adamson statue and all the books have so far been published in 7 different countries. I have also illustrated several other people´s books – recently a book about ABBA together with Björn Ulvaeus. Last year, the book "In the Middle of the Rose" was released by Martin Widmark and me. Since the start in 2002 I have been involved in Åberg's museum in Bålsta and since 2016 I run a comic-school in Skellefteå for college students. I also lecture in comics and film making as a guest lecturer for all ages at different schools/companies in Sweden.

Some of my clients that I have done books, advertising and illustrations for include: Alma Talent (The newspapers Affärsvärlden, Ny Teknik and Law and Agreement) Egmont publishing, Schibsted publishing, Bonnier publishing, Digitalist, Drupal, Bahco, Good Bye Kansas, Swedish Film , SVT (Swedish Television), Sparbanken, The ABBA museum, Stadsmuseet, Medelhavsmuseet, Bergrummet – Tidö Collection of toys and comics., The Nobel museum, Åbergs Museum, Skokloster castle, DI (Norwegian economy news), Happy Life animation, The magazine Resplus, Hultsfredsfestivalen, Alfa-Beta publisher, Comicstore Art & Office with shop in both Stockholm and Italy, Håbo municipality, Enköping municipality etc. etc

I work digitally and mostly in Clip Studio and Photoshop.